Do your children spend too much time watching useless cartoons? Would you rather they watched Islamic cartoons but you don’t have any to show them? It is hard to get children to read books or make them study, they seem to spend a lot of time watching unnecessary cartoons on television.

They are stuck on to the T.V set like glue! For sure it is a waste of time but these cartoons also send out unislamic messages such as free mixing, telling white lies etc. All this is bad for muslim children whilst they are growing up before you know it, this will become second nature to them.

My previous post on Free Islamic resources for Muslim Children looked at ways to engage children into studying with resources that they will enjoy using. Following on from that I’m going to list 5 Excellent Islamic Cartoons to watch online, this isn’t just for children but also the entire family can watch together and take lessons from. After all Islam is supposed to be implemented in one’s life and we can draw lessons from great stories from the Quran, ahadith and our great history!

You must know about the life of the Prophet (pbuh) – if you don’t know his life how will you emulate him? If you haven’t read the Seerah (Life of the Prophet) or you don’t have the time then you should at least watch the cartoon so that you have an idea of the main things that happened throughout his struggle.

For children and adults alike there are many examples to be taken from the Glorious Quran, these Islamic Cartoons give the ideal opportunity for you to watch and take heed in an entertaining way.

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Update: due to this post being very old most videos have been removed from YouTube by the original uploader.

Islamic Cartoons for all the Family

The life of Muhammad (pbuh) – Cartoon Version

The best example for all of mankind, the life of our Prophet (pbuh) is our reference of how to act in any situation whether it be spiritual, social, political etc. If you don’t have the time to read the book to your children or can’t get them to read, why not watch the life of the Prophet Cartoon.

Video removed from YouTube.

The boy and the king – Legend of Obaid

An animated Islamic cartoon about a hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), it is also a reference to the end of Surah al-Buruj – the People of the Ditch.

Video removed from YouTube.

Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih ( Mehmet II) – The Conquest of Constantinople (English)
The man that our Prophet (pbuh) prophesied about! He heard of the hadith of the conqueror of Istanbul and then aspired all his life to be the one and Allah granted him so he conquered. We need aspirations and aims, perhaps this can serve as a reminder.

The Lion of Ain Jalut – Saif Ad-Din Qutuz

The great Commander and Leader Saif ad-Din Qutuz reconquered the Muslim lands from the Mongols. Under his command the Muslim army were able to live under Islam again a recurring theme among the previous great Muslim Amirs.

Video removed from YouTube.

Salah ad-Din Al-Ayubi – The Liberator of Al-Quds

At a time when the Holy land al-Quds is under occupation who will be our Salah Uddin? The great just general who liberated the Muslim land from oppression. A truly remarkable story, the video below consists of 15 small parts which will play one after another. Watch this great Islamic Cartoon and perhaps we can try to ponder why our earlier generations saw Islam in a different way, so much that it gave them confidence and visions.

Video also removed.

Hope fully you enjoyed this and these Islamic Cartoons was a good reminder for you and your family! Please let me know your opinions via the comments. Thanks for watching.