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10 Khutbah, Inspirational Friday Sermon Topics

Khutbah are sermons that are delivered on Fridays, it is not exclusive to just Fridays although that is the day it is delivered on a regular basis, this is why it is also known as Friday sermons. They are also delivered on the Eid Prayers and Nikah (weddings). We'll briefly take a look at the [...]

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5 Words Arabic to English Language Part Two

Following on from the Arabic to English language part one, I'm going to add five more English words that came from Arabic Language. Once again this demonstrates the early influence of the once great Islamic empire. Borrowing words from another language indicates an empire's strength and advancement in the World, now the western World is [...]

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Top things you didnt know about 5 more Companions of the Prophet Part Two

This is part two of the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh), if you haven't read it, please do as it has the introduction to this three-part series. Here are five more great men around the Messenger of Allah (saw). Bilal Ibn Ribah (ra) Did you know he was an Abyssinian sahabi who was also the [...]

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5 Words you didn’t know that came from the Arabic Language

Languages have evolved over time and English has taken words from other languages including the Arabic language. Speech allows human beings to communicate with each other. Can you imagine if there were no speech! We may have never had any conversations with anyone at all. The speech is a very powerful medium, some languages sound [...]

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Top Things you didn’t know about 5 Companions of the Prophet

The Sahabas or Companions as they are known in English, struggled hard with the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) in his Dawah. They put their lives on the line for the deen i.e. Islam and the Prophet (pbuh). After the Prophet's (pbuh) death they took Islam to the rest of humanity, it is why you [...]

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Top 5 Arabic Words used by non Arabic Speaking Muslims

Islam is a comprehensive religion that doesn't discriminate i.e. it is for all of humanity. As there is a lot of non-Arab Muslims in the World some of the words also used by the early Arab Muslims got passed down to the newer Muslims such as the greetings etc. Muslims without realising that they are [...]

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