25 Famous Muslim Converts

Muslim converts are on the rise, around 6000 people embrace and convert to Islam each year in the UK. Muslim converts found that societal problems in the west such as alcohol and drunkenness, a lack of moral values among other things were all factors in why they decided to convert to Islam. Women muslim converts [...]

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30 Muslim Footballers in the Premier League 2012

The Barclays Premier League is filled with top footballers from all over the World. And Muslim footballers are not short in number either! Nearly every team in the league has had a Muslim player in amidst their ranks. Currently out of the big teams in the English Premier League Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City have Muslim [...]

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Top 5 Muslim Football Players in Europe

Muslim football players are now in nearly all leagues in Europe and in the best teams, football or Soccer as it's known in the USA is one of the biggest sports in the World. As colonialists took their ideologies to the foreign lands especially the Muslim lands they also took their sports with [...]

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