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Following on from the Islamic Cartoons to watch online, I am now going to list 5 good Islamic films to watch online free. Of course there are more than 5 but I wanted to limit it to just those that are listed below.

Not everybody likes to read although we should because that is one the best ways to educate and improve our knowledge not just of Islam but in many other areas. It is also true that you can learn in different ways, so some people may learn by listening, some by watching and so on.

Some people love to watch films so that they can have a good time! But I think from some films especially Islamic films there are plenty of principals and lessons to be learnt, especially as they are adaptations of life stories.

In the Prophet Muhammad (saw) we have the finest example of how to live our lives, if we cannot take lessons from his (saw) story than what is the point of getting to know about our Prophet (pbuh)? Islamic films are unique, they have excellent examples for us to take and implement in our own lives. In times when we are lacking motivation and inspiration, Islamic films with its morals and examples should inspire us and make us active in our pursuit to please our Creator (swt). Because as muslims this is our ultimate goal in life, from a young age we should nurture our children to be extraordinary citizens and lead humanity out of darkness into light.

Islamic Films to Watch Online

Update: Videos had to be removed because some were violating other’s rights. Sorry about that.

No Islamic film list can be completed without having the life of our beloved Rasullah (saw).

The Message Full Movie – about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Video removed.

The Empire of Faith – a documentary about Islam and the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) truly enlightening in two parts

The Kingdom of Sulaiman – the story of Sulaiman (Solomon [as]) English Subtitles

Video removed.

The Story Maryam – from the Islamic Traditions, full length Movie. Video had been removed from YouTube.

Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih – The Conqueror of Constantinople, full movie with subtitles

Video removed.

To summarise these Islamic Films should really have an effect in your life so much that you should think how come the likes of Mohammad al-Fatih and others were such extraordinary humans? How comes we are not like that?