Top Islamic Website Design Templates

Islamic website design templates are much-needed as Islamic or Muslim websites are on the rise, some have been around for 10 years or more and some are still up and coming. A lot of the websites’ designs aren’t really appealing and are very cluttered at times.

With so many Content Management Systems (C.M.S) around such as Joomla, WordPress etc there are no excuses to have appalling designs anymore! But what about those who don’t want to use CMS because it doesn’t suit their specifications? Well there are an array of Designed Templates for Islamic Websites around in html format so that you could easily plug it into your server-side scripts. Of course you can take any template and modify the background and other images to give it a more Islamic feel. Click on the images to go to the site.

Here are my top 4 Islamic website design Templates in no particular order at all and please don’t forget to let me know what you think or if there are any more that you like.

Know More About Muslims

best islamic design template one

It has a very nice calligraphy style half page header backdrop image with a featured items slider and three boxes below to showcase your desired aspects of the website. The main menu sits just beside the top slider and an extra footer menu with example links such as ‘Ask Imam’ and more. Download

Religion Muslims

best islamic design template two

One of the main things I liked about this was that it had a background image changer facility, your users can change between four backgrounds that you allow them to choose from. It has many boxes or module positions to post lots of content for your website including a calendar and some ads sections. The menu is a fabulous sliding one which is very pleasing to the eye. Download

Islamic Social Center

best islamic design template three

An Islamic design website template mainly for blogs, but looks very clean with three columns so you won’t be complaining about putting links to your crucial stuff in your website without cluttering it. There are also demo prayer times section, so you wont be stuck for ideas when it comes to placing your websites contents. Download

Islamic Social

best islamic design template four

Intended for Islamic social websites by the look of it but you can turn this into a site for loads of different purposes such as a masjids website. With subtle colours, it’s sure to please the eyes of your visitors. Download

Be sure to leave your comments and add any that you may know that are around!

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