With the new Islamic year about to start and the Gregorian new year isn’t too far either. I’ve selected 10 Beautiful high quality Islamic Calendar for you to download. These designs have various colours as well as all the months on one page so that you can just print one page, which will save you ink and paper. 🙂

New Islamic Calendar for 2014 Out Now Click Here to Download.

However I will soon be doing a month by month Islamic calender, so that you can also download those. I’ve tried to pick ones with verses from the Quran which have a calligraphy style to it. Yes they are simple but I’ve printed those and they do look good.

All of the calendars below are A4 size so you can easily download and print them or even save them as your desktop background image for your PC or Mac. If you would like to create your own then you may like the Islamic Borders and Frames post. From there you can download the images and create your own.

Please check out the post on Islamic Hijri Calendar if you would like to download the alternative to these. It’s for the year 1436 so it is up to date.

If you are looking for a Lunar Islamic Calendar then please come back soon, I intend to have that ready by mid November before the start of the new Islamic year. This is the Gregorian Calendar with Islamic designed backgrounds. Which is mostly used in western countries as well as majority of the countries in the World. So even if you came looking for an Islamic Lunar Calendar why not download one of these, it is bound to come in handy. They are all in both landscape and portrait orientation, click on the image to view full size in its original high quality resolution.

Islamic Calendar Designs

image of islamic calendar 2013 eight

The first one is a Gold coloured verse of the Quran with some flowery patterns.

Second Islamic Calendar

image of islamic calendar 2013 three

This is a blue version quite similar to the top, that it has a flower in the background too.


image of islamic calendar 2013 twoWith a verse of the Quran on top of a leaf, this has rich colours.


image of islamic calendar 2013 nine

Half white and half turquoise, this islamic calendar reminds of growing up for some reason.

Fifth Islamic Calendar for Download

image of islamic calendar 2013 download six

This is in the portrait orientation, with abstract brushes and a misxture of different colours.

Sixth Version

image of islamic calendar 2013 download free ten

If you like subtle colours then this may be your cup of tea.

More Islamic Calendars for Download

image of islamic calendar 2013 seven

image of islamic calendar 2013 four

image of islamic calendar 2013 one

and our final Islamic Calendar for download…

image of islamic calendar 2013 five

Whatever it is that you are going to do in the new year make sure you have great one! Thank you for reading and I hope you liked Islamic Calendars that are on display.