Muslim and proud? Can muslims really be proud at this moment of time?

Yes, we should be proud to be Muslim because we have found the truth and no matter what people are saying about Islam, we still feel content in our hearts knowing that we believe in Allah (swt), his Messenger (saw) and we are Muslim and Proud!

But is this just lip service? Do we really feel good and proud to be muslim?

What does it mean to be Muslim and Proud?

Well I would say that being a proud muslim means that we are confident about Islam and that we are able to articulate confidently anything that is thrown our way about Islam even if it sounds derogatory and every action that we do it is solely for the sake of Allah (swt).

Do you still feel Muslim and Proud? If you do then that is great! If you are unsure then I would say, stop feeling insecure about Islam and start finding out if Islam is more than just Salah!

Let us flip the scenario, are Americans proud to be Americans? Yes, indeed they are. I would say that at this moment of time they are the most proud nation in the entire World!

Why shouldn’t they be? After all their government has made sure that they are the leading nation in everything or at least their government portrays it that way.

Can we say that about Islam? Not at the moment but in the past we could, so are we now saying that the Muslims in the past were proud and we’ve got nothing to be proud of? I would say yes, let’s face it everywhere you look there are Muslims giving Muslims a bad name! The media are trying it’s best to make sure that it stays that way.

That is not to say that we can’t get back to our old glory days and look after our own affairs! We need to know what Islam really is and what our purpose in this life is.

Wouldn’t you love to see all of humanity living happily and in peace? I know that the way it is going this isn’t going to happen but when Islam returns in its entirety this will certainly happen, after all it is the promise of Allah (swt), but we must make sure that we are worthy of this.

In the meantime we should be ambassadors of Islam, taking the message of Islam to all with confidence by tell them about the superior way of life that we have and that Islam can solve all humanities problems without caveats. It really can!

I hope this makes you ponder about the vastness of Islam that we have been given. This is truly a big burden on our shoulders, take a look at the muslim and proud pictures below to give you some momentum.

Muslim and Proud Pictures

Here are 10 Muslim and Proud pictures that are certainly worth looking at!

I am Muslim and Proud – Download

Image of muslim and Proud

Yeah I am Muslim and proud to be – Download

image of Yeah I am Muslim

I am Muslim – Download

image of I am Muslim

Proud to be Muslim – Download

image of Proud to be muslim

Proud and Muslim – Download

Proud and Muslim

I am a Muslim – Download

I am a muslim

Muslim McDonald – Download

Muslim mcdonald

Islam – Download


Proud to be a Muslim – Download

Proud to be a muslim

Muslim and Proud – Download

Confident muslim

So that’s the 10 Muslim and Proud Pictures, I hope you liked it. Please let me know if you’ve got any thoughts 🙂