image of best islamic appsIt is hard to find good Islamic Apps, this is certainly true if you have had previous bad experiences with apps on Android from the Play Market. I am very careful about what I install as one app can interfere with another!

Previously I had a number of Islamic apps working perfectly then with the installation of others it started to crash my existing apps. One way to go about finding good islamic apps is by reading the reviews, the good thing about Android Play Market is that it automatically adds the device name below the user review, this is very useful for potential users who have the same devices.

I like islamic apps that work offline, so even if I don’t have an internet connection I am still able to use the full functionality of the app. I used to have an app called the Sealed Nectar which was an app that needed an internet connection, this wasn’t so good as it was using my data and didn’t work when I didn’t have a signal.

Luckily most Islamic apps work just fine without an internet connection or do not use data. There are tons of Islamic apps to download especially for Android as the market itself is vast. Below is a list of Islamic apps by popularity from the Play Market I’ve listed them by popularity because that will give an indication of how good the app is. Most of these are FREE and in ENGLISH too, I Hope it comes in handy for you.

Most Popular Islamic Apps for Android

  1. iQuran Lite
  2. Smart Compass
  3. Quran Android
  4. My Prayer – صلاتي
  5. Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla
  6. Kids Numbers and Math Lite
  7. Prayer Times
  8. Azkari | اذكاري
  9. Qibla Compass
  10. Dua & Azkar
  11. Hijri Calendar التقويم الهجري
  12. DuAa (Hisn Al-Muslim)حصن المسلم
  13. Islamic Prayer Times
  14. Asma-ul-Husna
  15. Surah Yasin Dan Terjemahan
  16. Muslim Salat Widget
  17. Muslim Kids Series: Dua
  18. Forty Nawawi Hadiths +Explanation
  19. Allah Live Wallpaper
  20. Asma’ Al-Husna (Allah Names)
  21. Allah Live Wallpaper
  22. Best Islamic Background
  23. 40 Rabbanas (duaas of Quran)
  24. Ayat al Kursi (Throne Verse)
  25. Watch Live Makkah 24 Hours

So there you have it, the 25 most Popular Islamic Apps from the Play Market. Like I said before most of these are free and in English and have tons of reviews so you know that it is tried and tested, so you won’t have any problems if you install them on your android device.