25 Inspiring Quotes by Imam Ali

25 Inspiring Quotes by Imam Ali

quotes by imam aliImam Ali Ibn Abi Talib had the best up bringing as he grew up in the house of non other than the Prophet (saw). So you can imagine his character and how good it was. Any of Imam Ali’s sayings would be of great importance and inspiring to any generation of Muslims and even non-Muslims. Previously I wrote an article on the Inspiring Islamic Quotes, I recommend you to read that as it contains quotes by Imam Ali and more.

He was the first from the Prophet’s (saw) family after Khadijah (ra) to embrace Islam and it was at a very young age. The quotes by Imam Ali number many, as there are many collections of his life especially among the Shia Muslims.

I am not going to write about the Shia/Sunni divide that emerged at the time of Imam Ali’s reign, as I don’t see any benefit in that in this instance. 🙂

The character of Imam Ali was of the best in society in any time or generation, he was around great men, he was a great man and a great Judge! We could go on about the greatness of this great companion of the Prophet (saw) and still would not be able to do any justice.

This is what the great biographist Ibn Athir had to say about Hazrat Ali:

Ali was the first Caliph both of whose parents were pure Hashimites. He was so judicial minded that he could not put up with the dishonesty of his relations or friends, and was so much engrossed in piety that at the time of his marriage with Fatima (ra) he did not posses anything save a camel skin on which he fed his camels in the day, and which he converted into a bed sheet at night. The Prophet (saw) in his table talk has not extolled any one of his companions as much as he has Ali. Surely, Ali never spoke a lie during his lifetime.

The quotes by Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib are of high importance and should affect a person immediately and make us active in becoming better Muslims, of course we have the primary sources of Islam i.e. the Quran, Sunnah etc but we can use these beautiful quotes of Imam Ali (ra) to keep our momentum going.

Quotes By Imam Ali about Life

  1. “The days of life pass away like clouds, so do good while you are alive.”
  2. “Of all the follies the greatest is to love the World.”
  3. “Opportunity is swift of flight but slow to return.”
  4. “The most happy is he to whom God has given a good wife.”
  5. “Do not sell your conscience for anything but heaven.”

His Sayings about Piety

  1. “Fear Allah (swt) and you will have no cause to fear anyone.”
  2. “Resignation to the Will of Allah (swt) is the cure of the heart.”
  3. “The word of Allah (swt) is the medicine of the heart.”
  4. “He who knows himself knows Allah.”
  5. “Patience is the fruit of faith.”
  6. “No shelter is safe than piety.”
  7. “A man’s behaviour is the index of his mind.”
  8. “Virtue never dies.”
  9. “Wealth and greed are the roots of all evils.”
  10. “Riches without faith are the greatest poverty.”

Quotes by Imam Ali about Good Character and Knowledge

  1. “The disease of the heart is worse than the disease of the body.”
  2. “To fight against one’s desires is the greatest of all fights.”
  3. “The strongest amongst you is he who subdues his self.”
  4. “A man’s worth depends upon the nobility of his aspirations.”
  5. “Generosity hides shortcomings.”
  6. “The learned lives although he dies.”
  7. “The sum total of excellence is knowledge.”
  8. “To respect the learner is to respect Allah.”
  9. “Knowledge enlivens the soul.”
  10. “A man’s glory from his virtue is greater than the glory of his pedigree.”

The great character of Imam Ali or any of the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh) cannot be emphasized enough, but what we really need to do is take a good look the lives of these great men and try to emulate them. After all they did take Islam to the rest of the World so much so that Muslims now are living in every part of the World.

What was it about these men that made them like that? They were Muslims, we are Muslims yet they were able to conquer lands and we are conquered!

The Sayings of Imam Ali in this article are taken from the Life of Hazrat Ali (ra) by Prof. Masud ul-Hasan originally published by Islamic Publications LTD.

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  1. Kam 29/04/2013 at 4:46 am - Reply


  2. sb sahib 07/06/2013 at 6:44 am - Reply

    Jazakalla khair for this inspiring web page May Allah swt reward you.

  3. Badr 09/11/2013 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    ali was 4th caliph not the first

    • Abu Zainab 10/11/2013 at 2:47 pm - Reply

      Thanks for pointing that out. Not sure why though?

      • Mos 14/10/2014 at 10:04 pm - Reply

        Ali (as) was the chosen one to lead the Muslims after holy Prophet. This is evident from numerous hadeeth and the verse of Quran (3:61) clearly shows that Prophet Muhammad (as) and Ali (as) were of the same light – Allah addressed them as “ourselves” Our women was Fatima Zahra (as), the prophet’s daughter and the two sons were hasan (as) and husain (as) these holy 5 personalities were chosen by ALLAH swt (as per this verse) to come to debate the christians of Najran. But when their bishop saw the light coming out of their faces, told his people not to debate them saying “O my christian friends, I am seeing such bright faces that if they pray that God move this mountain from its place then the mountain will be moved. I warn you do not have Mubahila with them or you all will be destroyed and banished.\”

    • Sabr 15/11/2013 at 2:12 am - Reply

      “Ali was the first Caliph both of whose parents were pure Hashimites….” The writer does not say that H. Aly (A.S.) was the 1st Caliph, but says that He was “first Caliph both of whose parents were pure Hashimites”.

    • raza 30/04/2015 at 8:47 pm - Reply

      But in the end Hazrat Ali a.s was caliph. We believe he was the first and you believe he was 4th, but matter of fact is we should follow him ,I hope you agree

      • zenub 08/07/2015 at 3:25 pm - Reply

        Well said.

      • riyaz Khan 18/11/2015 at 4:02 am - Reply

        prophet muhammed s.a.w.s and hazrat ali or many others who were muslims and was associated with Prophet Muhammed S.A.W.S, They all were Slave of Allah. So Allah is the one to whom we should always ask for everything and Allah is the one who fullfills humans wishes, NO ONE ELSE EXCEPT ALLAH REST ALL ARE HUMAN UNDERSTAND THAT PEOPLE.AND WE HAVE TO RETURN BACK TO ALLAH .

      • Fazel 16/08/2016 at 5:30 am - Reply

        If Ali (ra) was appointed as first Khalifa, other three wouldn’t have had a chance to become Kalifas because they died (Wafath) , before Ali (ra).
        Why not believe in Will of God

    • farheen 01/06/2015 at 9:28 am - Reply

      Ali is the first khalifa created by Mohammad s.a.w.w on the occasion of gadeer the ground of khum…

      • danish 29/09/2017 at 3:45 pm - Reply

        so why did Ali r.a. not protest against elected khalifa. If this order was given by Allah. kindly reply me.

    • Hajji 22/04/2016 at 4:13 pm - Reply

      Ali was the first real caliph none of the others were brave like Ali he was born in the Kaaba you can’t compare none of the others with Ali he was in different league…lion of Allah ali ibn Abu talib

  4. it hurts 04/12/2013 at 3:53 pm - Reply

    Imam Ali (AS) is the first caliph

  5. m ali 19/02/2014 at 3:46 am - Reply

    Imam Ali (as) was selected as a caliph by Allah (swt) through Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) but others were elected by the wordly people

    • mansooor 31/08/2014 at 6:23 pm - Reply

      try not to fight,just unite man!!! -_-

    • danish 29/09/2017 at 3:41 pm - Reply

      Ali r.a. is not only urs but all.

  6. Sheikh Junaid Ahmed 23/05/2014 at 6:14 am - Reply

    Awesome post! This is really a great collection of sayings of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib; the fourth caliph. I am glad to find that great sayings of Hazrat Ali R.A at a single platform and I must say, you have done a great job by sharing it here. Thanks!

  7. khadija 16/06/2014 at 12:18 am - Reply

    a v good effort 4 sharing precious sayings…

  8. syed adnaan 12/10/2014 at 7:02 pm - Reply

    Hazrat Ali (a.s) was the first and last khalifa of islam choose by rahmatul alameen and his messenger Hazat Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w)…

    And the messanger of allah. Hazat Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w) have infomed the same in a crowd of 1 lakh & 25 thousand muslims during his umrah!!

    Still why people get confused.????

    And from whom they want get the message …….

  9. Ahmed 02/11/2014 at 6:45 pm - Reply

    You people are fools . Dont give that much importance to hazrat Ali so that you forget who was hazrat Muhammad (PBUH ) and his teachings . Hazart Muhammad (pbuh) and Hazrat Ali were Muslims . Just muslims !!! Not sunni or shia !!!!!

    • 123456 13/11/2014 at 3:56 am - Reply

      very beautiful indeed.

  10. mehdi 26/11/2014 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Let me tell you hazrat muhammad (saw) in gathering hazrat muhammad (saw) says that i am the moula of all momanees and after me ali (as) is moula of all momanees so thing now who was chosen for 1st khalifa.

  11. Ahamad 05/12/2014 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    You know All such allegations /Claims weren’t not raised at that time, but why we are making then, because we are people after 1400. AD, I hope you understand what I mean…

    • Ibrahim 07/04/2015 at 6:40 pm - Reply

      The deen of allah does not require ally to be the first or the forth khalifa. Islam is completed in full since the time of prophet s.a.w. Ally abubakar umar and all swahabas has to follow the prophet and they shoul never try to be superior than prophet. Alhamdulillahi they didnt do that.

  12. cptriii 31/05/2015 at 2:01 pm - Reply

    Ali ibn Abu Talib (A.S.) On the Existence of God:

  13. Nice discussion On Imam Ali(R.A)

    • rumi 28/07/2016 at 10:41 pm - Reply

      Jazakallah for sharing this beautiful knowledge about hazrat ali rd…. bt i wanna to say that dont say no need to share info about hazrat ali rd. What value he has etc……he has value from allah due to his good deeds he has lqb shere khuda from allah …..even we cant emagin their good deeds so we have to respect him……i m not comparing him with anyone he is also a slave of allah s w t. And he also a loving person by our prophet muhammad s a w. I hope u will satisfy what i m saying

  14. Abdul Rauf 17/01/2017 at 12:41 am - Reply

    People who say hazarat Ali (as) was denied his rightful place as Khalifa are insulting his bravery . Could meer mortals deny him his place___lion of Islam,braver than the Brave,wiser than the wise.

  15. Abdullah 16/04/2017 at 6:18 pm - Reply

    I think all our suffering today is as a result of our corrupt and ignorant leaders we need to lead the world with Islam.

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