There are many many Joomla templates available including those specifically for Islamic Websites built with Joomla. The extensions directory is humongous! In my opinion I have found the directory to be extremely extensive even more than any other competitors.

Since there are loads of Islamic websites built with Joomla the natural next step is to have components, modules and plugins for Islamic oriented websites too.

Joomla is another very very popular CMS it is very comprehensive and has recently released version 3 although it is in beta version so I wouldn’t encourage you to deploy it just yet 🙂

If you are looking for good Plugins WordPress the read the 5 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Islamic Websites post. Here are my favourite Joomla extensions for islamic websites.

Quran Verse Module

A Joomla module that displays a Verse of the Quran daily. Features: Display verse in sequential order or random, Update verse every hour, every six hours, every day etc, Optional text to display before verse, Optional text to display after verse, Optional custom hyperlink.

Random Hadith

There aren’t many Daily Hadith Modules available for Joomla unless you want to embed a script from third-party sources into custom html modules within Joomla. Random Hadith is one I have come across which randomly takes Imam Nawawi’s Forty hadith and displays it randomly.

This is Module isn’t in English so if you want hadith to be displayed in Bahasa although the author has promised it will be available in English soon. Or if you know a bit of PHP there is nothing to stop you from changing the code and if you aren’t you can contact me I’ll do it for you for free 🙂

Hijri Date

A Module to display the Hijri and Gregorian date on your Joomla website.

Hijri Date is a module to display both Hijri (Islamic Date) and Gregorian date. It uses php, java script and css style sheet. It also features multilingual functionalities.

Moon Phase

A Module to display the moon phases based on the on data of This module has the follow parameters: Orientation (vertical or horizontal), Default View From (northern or southern hemisphere), Date Format, Background Color, Border Color, Text Color.

Prayer Times

A fully fledged Module and Component for Salah Times for Joomla.

KA Prayer times component and module for Joomla CMS that takes todays prayer times from database and displays them in a component view and as a module. This component and module is developed for Joomla websites.

Component Features:

  • Joomla MVC design.
  • Multiple mosque times
  • Backend interface to import CSV Data file.
  • Backend interface to edit, delete prayer times.
  • Dropdown box to select prayer times for desired month.
  • Friday prayer time message (Optional).
  • Show or hide component name in frontend.
  • Custom component heading to display in frontend.
  • Friday prayer time message (Optional).
  • Users can select month to see prayer times for a particular month
  • CSS file for custom styling
  • Example CSV file included.
  • Settings to set Ramadhan Times view

Module Features:

  • Joomla 1.5 MVC design.
  • Vertical and Horizontal layouts.
  • Joomla module class suffix and caching.
  • Supports multiple instances on page.
  • Friday prayer time message (Optional).
  • Custom hyperlinks.
  • Module Class Suffix.
  • Caching.
  • Cache Time.

Have I missed any? Have you used any of these? Let me know if there are any that you use on your websites. Thanks for reading.