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Best English Translated Islamic Books to Read

When it comes to increasing your knowledge of Islam there is a plethora of English Translated Islamic books to read. Islam is a complete deen i.e. a comprehensive religion that has answers for all of life's' affairs. There are many books one can pick up to read. But, in Islam gaining knowledge just for the [...]

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Top 5 Muslim Football Players in Europe

Muslim football players are now in nearly all leagues in Europe and in the best teams, football or Soccer as it's known in the USA is one of the biggest sports in the World. As colonialists took their ideologies to the foreign lands especially the Muslim lands they also took their sports with [...]

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Top 3 Hadith Websites on the Web

The classical muhaddithoona such as Imam Bukhari, Muslim and Imam Malik and many others, compiled thousands of ahadith into their collections and gave it stringent conditions to verify the validity of each this is also known as the categories of hadith. Previoulsy these were only available in physical book formats, with the emergence and demand [...]

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