image of muslim like a palm treeIslam is a complete code of life and promises success to its followers in this world and salvation in the next one. However, to do all this every Muslim should follow the Teachings of the Quran that were thoroughly explained and practiced by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself. Every Muslim should adapt his life on the lines of the life spent by our beloved Prophet (PBUH) (The Sunnah).

In this modern era, where everyone is engaged from head to foot in mundane interests, people are drifting away from the Islamic system of life and deviating from the right path. As a result, the once mighty Muslims have declined to such an extent that they are persecuted and massacred in their own countries. In this fateful situation, it is necessary for each Muslim to revert to the Islamic way of life and stick to the Quranic instructions. Especially, it is doubtlessly important for Muslim youth to make Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as their role model and strive for restoring the glory of Islam. In this regard, some Islamic actions which every young Muslim should incorporate in their life are discussed below.

Always Speak the Truth

Speaking the truth is a basic requirement of Islam and anyone who tells lies often is considered as hypocrite. Although it is cab be difficult to be truthful because we may fear that what will happen to us if we speak truth or what our relatives or friends will think. But keep one thing in mind that Allah the All Mighty knows each and everything that has happened and is going to happen. So, always try to be righteous and you will be rewarded by Allah on the judgment day if not in this sinful world. As Allah describes in the Holy Quran,

“This is a day on which the truthful will profit from their truth: theirs are gardens, with rivers flowing beneath — their eternal Home: Allah well-pleased with them, and they with Allah. That is the great salvation”

(Al-Ma’idah 5:119)

Develop a Fear for God

Youth is the age of burning desires and most often young people cannot restrain themselves to denounce which is not allowed in Islam (Haram). It is the goal of the Satan to destroy the life of every Muslim by alluring him to the life of sins and the young Muslims prove to be an easy target. These Muslims can counter this obnoxious assault of the doomed one if they develop a fear of Allah within their conscience. A way to refrain from bad deeds is by remembering that Allah (SWT) is always aware of every single action that you do. If you can become succesful like that then you may earn yourself a place in paradise.

Be the Best

Try to be the best in all the fields of life whether it is your job or religion. If you seek consummation in your faith, Allah is very kind and He will give you what you are looking for. For instance, if you sit an exam paper, the examiners also check that how well you have covered the topic. Similarly if you do the religious duties in full spirit Allah (SWT) will shower his blessings upon you.

Be Trustworthy

Develop a relationship of trust with others and never betray your friends and relatives in adverse situations. Remember that Allah is the most trustworthy in the universe and never disappoints anyone in any time of need. Being trustworthy is an essential characteristic of every staunch Muslim and is also one of the most admired acts by God.

Pay Close Attention to Prayers

It is a common phenomenon that whenever you stand up for prayers, different thoughts invade your mind and distract your prayers. Such prayers are not accepted by God and thrown back at your face. Try to be more focused in your prayers and never let any material things penetrate into your mind during worship. When you are able to offer your prayers more attentively then you will not only get closer to God but will also perform your worldly duties more diligently.

Be Regular and Consistent

This is perhaps an integral trait of every successful Muslim youth. You can’t be a truthful person one day and a liar the next day. Similarly, you just cannot offer prayers 5 times a day and skip some the next day. You have to be consistent in your acts and habits and you should also delineate your duties regularly. This will also help you to be more punctual and thus successful in your material ventures.

It is not easy to be a Muslim especially now! However, every Muslim should follow the teachings of Islam even in the worst possible circumstances. Only in this way, Muslims will be able to regain the favors of God and restore their lost glory as it is often said “God helps those who help themselves”.