Islamic Logo designs are ubiquitous these days especially among the Muslim businesses. Having a logo allows you to brand your product and ensure your clients remember you by your logo. Of course you need to have a good logo design so that your regular and potential customers keep you in mind. Logos can be an icon or your company name or both. I’ve seen a fair few logos around the web and some have changed their logo once or twice 🙂 If you’re a design enthusiast you’ll love this post.

So here’s some 5 of the islamic Logos that I like, let me know what you think and if there any that you like.

best islamic logos twoAn Islamic blog Website based in Azerbaijan in the Russian Language. It has some really good articles too. I think the logo looks better with the entire website.

best islamic logos threeAn exceptional and elegant design in my view, specialise in Islamic greeting cards online.

best islamic logos fiveIf you didn’t already know about visualdhikr and the work of Ruh al’Alam, remember where you heard it first, yes I admit the website itself looks a bit cluttered but his works are amazing! He is an Islamic designer and has some fine calligraphy styles and no he’s not an acquaintance of mine. Promise 🙂



best islamic logos fourAnother example of great Islamic Logo Design, just by looking at it I could tell it was for youth and yes it was created for a Moroccan youth dawah project. Incidentally this one, the second and the next one are by the same designer. Love his work too.



best islamic logos sixAnother one where I didn’t have trouble knowing what it may have been for, well by looking at the cells I could tell it was for enrichment. This was designed for the British Association of Muslim Medics.



Let me know your thoughts.