The number of Muslims in the United Kingdom is increasing daily whether it be via migration or conversion. As the numbers grow, the need for facilities for the Muslims also become vital. There are many many Mosques (Masjids) in London, as a resident I have first hand experience of such Masjids. I will list the best big mosques in London in no particular order. This is not based on facilities, affiliations or the like just the biggest Mosques in London that I’ve been to. Leave your comments and share with others.

East London Mosque and the London Muslim Centre

Currently being expanded to add a dedicated female facility centre namely, Maryam Centre. The Masjid is located in East London which boasts around 5000 prayer spaces with wudu facilites, a secondary school and a business wing. In Ramadan Muslims travel from all over the Country to listen to the Qaris that are imported in from the Arab lands to recite the Quran at Taraweeh and Tahajjud salahs.

The london Central Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre

Located in the Central part of London in the vicinity of the world famous Regent’s park. Also known as the Regent’s park Mosque locally, this excellent looking Masjid has a very big prayer hall with a very large dangling chandelier. The Mosque also has a very big courtyard that is also used for worshippers gathering for Eid, Taraweeh and Friday Jumuah prayers. There is a car park located underground beneath the Masjid. The Masjid has it’s very own cafe and restaurant which serves food throughout the day.

Suleymaniye Mosque, Dalston, London

Based in the North part of London where there is a large Turkish Muslim community. It has a fabulous tall Ottoman style Minaret which can be seen from various parts of London, indeed this is not the only thing that is beautiful, the interior is made to resemble Ottoman style marble walls which is decorated in ayats from the Quran. The Masjid’s prayer facilites can take up to 3000 worshippers including women.