Best Business and Productivity Apps for your iPad

Best Business and Productivity Apps for your iPad

ipad appsThe current era is based on the concept of business enhancement. Today, all the business people, regardless of the domain they are operating in, are willing to have the first hand business functions right in their pocket.

iPad, being one of the better off late inventions, is providing a platform to these people to execute operations without carrying more orthodox approach i.e. laptops. Therefore, we have discussed a few of the very best apps, which will soothe your business operations’ experience and will enhance the best usability for you for sure.

Good Reader

Usually carrying more 4 star rating in Apple and Android market, this app provides a great interface for editing, reviewing, and archiving the text. Good reader has a very simple interface, which is highly effective for time constrained businessperson and its base price is £3.21.

iSimply Connect

This software is ideal for the people, who are looking for the VPN solutions for their iPad. With £9.64 per month price, this remarkable paced solution is highly affordable and very easy to use.

Note Taker HD

If you are looking for an affordable solution for creating annotations or making diagrams within your iPad hierarchy, you are at the best place. Note Taker HD, which was the “Editors choice Winner,” is the best App to support this cause. It also gives a flexibility of consultancy and Development of widgets, which are the aiding components for the beginners to do the tasks at their fullest. Overall, it is a gem of an app and mandatory for your business experience.

Office Time

If you are a sole proprietor or working in a partnership where availability of the workforce is scarce, then this app will act as an assistant. This app generates the invoices out of the billable hours, which it records and on the basis of all these records; it further generates the reports in the interpretational way. Its price is £30.22 and it is charged monthly


Writing documents was never so easy before the advent of the apps like Penultimate, which is the best in its product line. Penultimate replaces pen functionality with your finger and with the help of your finger, you can write the long documents with a significantly improved speed and accuracy. You can also prepare attractive presentations via VGA and it also provides the stability of Wrist Protection.

Sugar Sync

This app is a lifelong solution for your file and data syncing. With a one touch simple setup and a separate folder stature, adding Sugar sync to your apps artillery is a mind full decision.


Umbrella is one of the best apps available for IT professionals and network administrators. With the help of Umbrella, which is definitely designed to cater for security needs over the broad network, a network administrator can form an umbrella sort of protection over all the connected devices through Wireless network from the potential virus and malware threat. It enforces the security policies through which the users stay protected till the time they are connected to the network of Umbrella security through the wireless networking. This is usually network administrators or IT professionals apply in their offices.

Priority Matrix

It allows the busy business professionals to organize their affairs in an effective way. With priority matrix, you will be able to organize all your to-do lists and agendas in the prioritized manner with the help of colors. You are just not constrained to these 2 functions only, as you can also set your pros and cons list and can also set the target dates of future. Priority Matrix costs nearly £2.57 and it acts as your personal secretary.

So that is my list business productivity apps for your iPad, do you have experience using any of these? Are there any that you use?

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About the Author:

This post is written by Adeel Zia a social media strategist and founder of an online Quran learning academy.


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    Beesy provides interesting benefits for professionals as well as from a taking notes in a meeting, each task can be assigned to teams and clients and at the same time, manage their project. Beesy works on Eisenhower matrix, that means the prioritization of tasks and different filters to delegate tasks easily be monitored and follow teams everyday.

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