Islamic android apps have come about in the new Android Market Place and a lot of the apps are entirely free and some do not even have any ads at all!

Smart phones have made things much easier, for instance now I’m able to make notes as I remember things on my Android phone which is very convenient as I tend to forget things quite easily.

I have used a fair few Islamic Android Apps in my time as I have been an android user for a while, coming up to 2 years now. Sometimes I install new ones and then immediately uninstall it because the usability isn’t good or it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. So I’m listing my favourite and all time best Android apps for Muslims.

Badr Interactive Quran

best android apps oneThis is one that I use over and over again, it started of when I was looking for a Quran that had a tafseer with it. Then there it was, the Badr Interactive Quran (BI Quran), it features tafseer ibn Kathir and it’s totally free, although if you want the share or email an ayat/tafseer feature to be unlocked you are asked to make a donation. I’ve never had a problem without it.



Nearest Masjid

best android apps three

An app to find your local Masjids in the UK, you are able to search by postcode and it also lists the Majid’s telephone number as well as a turn by turn navigation feature which can be very handy if you don’t have a Sat Nav installed or don’t want to switch between apps.




Dua and Azkar

best android apps four

A very good application for daily duas, it is nicely categorised and also contains audio which you can listen to but you will have to download after it has been installed, it also has a bookmark your favourite dua feature too so you can easily access your most read duas easily and eliminates the need to look for it each time.




Qibla Compass

best android apps two

Does what says on the title really, if you are stuck for finding the direction of the Qiblah, well this will do nicely. I guess it’s not much different from others and some others do have extra features, but this does nicely.




Are there any that you use all the time that Muslims can benefit from? Leave us a comment and I’ll try to add it.