If you’re looking for ready-made Islamic templates then, read on as we have a good collection below. Yet with so many religious WordPress templates and Islamic themes for other platforms, it may seem a bit difficult to find the most appropriate variant for your website. Some of them look cluttered with unnecessary elements, others don’t look very convincing. In this article, we’ve collected the most eye-catching Islamic templates for various platforms in such a way, that you’ll familiarise yourself with WordPress, MotoCMS, Joomla and HTML themes.

Which Platform do you need to choose?

Because we’re listing four different types of templates, I’ve listed some points for you to easily decide which may be more beneficial for you. Choosing any shouldn’t be a problem you can do that according to your own liking – by means of each of them, you will be able to build an appealing and attention-grabbing website.

Just keep in mind:

  • In order to work with HTML, you need to have a basic knowledge of coding;
  • WordPress allows its users to decidedly simplify the process of customization;
  • MotoCMS makes it possible to create websites together with a top-notch drag-and-drop builder.

So, with that in mind have a look at the list of Islamic templates below and hopefully you’ll like any of them.

Akhmada – Stunning MotoCMS Template

akhmada islamic template for blogging

Details |  Demo

Akhmada is a top-notch Islamic template that makes it possible to build a marvelous website without any hassle. It distinguishes itself from others by its simplicity and unusualness. A content-oriented design with some accents made with a blue colour will turn out to be a real attention grabber. In addition to this, multiple gallery options and sliders will allow you to showcase your content in an out-of-the-ordinary way. By the way, this template will be rendered perfectly on all devices – this means that it won’t turn out to be a chaos of texts or images. There is also a WordPress version, check below.

Worship – Impactful HTML Website Template

Worship islamic HTML template for websites

Details |  Demo

A marvelous theme that will impress you with its information-oriented design it will allow you to cover every possible aspect of the Islamic culture. Because of its clean and unique layout, it will be easy to focus people’s attention to your main message. In order to let you freshen up your blog, this templates also includes a collection of classy Google Fonts. A wonderful image gallery with lightbox and the embed video gallery will certainly catch the eye of your target audience. Finally, this template is compatible with all modern browsers which means that it won’t lose its amazing look.

Brave – Excellent HTML Website Template

brave multi-purpose html template

Details |  Demo

Brave is a universal template that comes with a dozen or-so pre-made layouts and multiple HTML pages. Actually, this design is completely impossible to pass by. Its brightness and interesting layout makes it look like something that should be adored by a diverse range of users. Together with fully functional video widgets, you will be able to integrate visual content into your blog. Moreover, an astonishing Parallax effect and nice-looking galleries won’t allow your readers to stay indifferent.

Aqidah – Vibrant Joomla Template

aqidah islamic template for websites

Details |  Demo

Aqidah is a powerful and flexible Joomla template for Islamic websites, it aims to meet all your requirements and expectations. You can choose between a full-width or boxed-width layout and make your website look like a tailor-made one. With the help of 5 colour styles, 5 mega-menu styles, and different layout structures, it’s easy to create a tailor-made appearance for your website. The sticky navigation and contact page will make your site easy to navigate and easily usable for your visitor. This template is responsive which means it’ll adapt to any device’s screen size this makes it even more attractive.

Monstroid2 – Innovative WordPress Template

monstroid2 versatile cms template ideal for islamic sites

Details |  Demo

A ground-breaking template that is considered to be a perfect choice for various web-projects and blogs. Its minimalist design makes it possible to create any content in an out-of-the-ordinary way. In general, this theme comes pre-loaded with all necessary options that you’ll need to build an attention-grabbing website – multiple web forms, audio and video integration, drop-down menu, Google Map integration, and so on. In addition, you can easily play around with the look of your online-project together with some background options, Google Fonts, and other features.

Islamic Center – A Wonderful WordPress Islamic Template

akhmada wordpress islamic template

Details |  Demo

If you want to spread the word about Islamic culture through your blog, this fully functional Islamic template for WordPress will allow you to do it easily. An amazing drag-and-drop builder will help you create your content without touching a single line of code. Furthermore, different header variations will certainly impress your imagination. The diverse range of custom widgets will make it possible to enrich the functionality of your website. For example, the post carousel allows you to present your content in a useful and eye-catching way.

Intense – Creative HTML Website Template

intense creative html template preview image

Details |  Demo

A remarkable theme, although not directly designed with Islam in mind, it has a huge set of essential options needed for building an eye-catching blog. Featuring a diverse range of portfolio and blog templates, helpful reusable elements, and amazing font icons – these features will help you to create your future online-project. Captivating animations and hover effects won’t allow your readers to click off your website. Meanwhile, amazing web forms (like contact or subscribe ones) will allow your readers to communicate with you and get your latest updates. It also features an intuitive navigation that will certainly make the website extremely user-friendly.

Islamis – Exciting MotoCMS Template

islamis moto-cms islamic template

Details |  Demo

Islamis is a convincing Islamic theme that will transform your website topic into an extremely interesting and insightful one. Together with a multi-language functionality, you will be able to reach out to people from all over the world. Furthermore, a top-notch video integration makes it possible to make a stake on visualization. It also features a powerful contact form that will allow your readers to get in touch with you easily. The template also includes wonderful animations that will keep the core audience engaged.

To sum up, we listed 8 Islamic templates suitable for WordPress, MotoCMS, Joomla and HTML. Hopefully you liked any of them or at least it has inspired you to create something amazing, leave us your thoughts and as always hank you for reading!

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