There is a demand to learn the Arabic language nowadays, as more and more people want to study the literature of Islam in-depth. Gone are the days when students were satisfied with just reciting in the Arabic language and being unable to understand it.

A lot of students want to study further and learn the Arabic language so that it can help them to understand the texts of Islam better. Of course to derive shariah rulings from texts you will need a lot more than just being able to read and speak Arabic!

There are a few places available online to learn to speak Arabic, this is different to learning how to read Arabic. There are now better and innovative ways to learn different languages on the web, this can make learning fun as well as interesting so you don’t drop out half way. Click on the images to go to the websites to learn Arabic and please do let me know what you think with your comments.

best ways to learn arabic oneAn innovative and free way to learn not just Arabic but more languages are available and it’s free. You choose your mother tongue and then choose the pack or level you want to learn. Their levels go all the way up to C2 from A1, so there is a lot to learn. They have packs such as ’Arabic City Weekend’ or ‘Arabic Meze in the Middle East’ and more, these courses get you ready for weekend trips or ordering food by teaching you the most common words used in each scenario. It states in the website that: “If you know the 1.500 most common words in a language, you understand about 75 % of a plain text.” It can’t be easier than that!

best websites to learn arabic freeAn online community of over 20 million users worldwide. You are able to use this to learn arabic free online, in addition to having interactive language courses and lessons you can get access to grammar guide provided by leading publishers such as Collins, Macmillan Dictionary and more. As well as learning from the free resources you can also online community to practice your new language skills. At the end you can earn yourself some certificates for the Arabic language courses that you have studied with them.

best websites to learn arabic free twoWith every language course you are able to practice reading, writing and speaking skills with free exercises online. There are two courses to choose from beginner and intermediate, with the beginner you can start without knowing much of the language and introduce yourself and understand some beginner Arabic phrases. Beginner courses focus on Nouns, Negation, Adjectives, Plurals, Numbers, Careers, Prepositions, Conjugation and many more topics.

best websites to learn arabic free threeNot really an online course as such but it has enough material to get you started for free. If you click on the categories from the sidebar you are able to see and practice sentences with translations and pronunciations, certainly a place not to dismiss for beginners.

best websites to learn arabic free fourLike the previous this isn’t an arabic course online course as such, a language exchange website where you can find other users who want to learn your language (s) in return for you wanting to learn theirs. In my opinion if you don’t have enough time to commit to a course then combine the above one with this and see where it takes you.


Well it would be very handy to learn another language, especially if you travel a lot or even want to expand your knowledge in other cultures, whatever it is you need it for you’ll definitely need to commit to it. Let me know how you get on.