image of islamic lecturesThere are many online audio and video clips of Islamic Lectures available by prominent Sheikhs and Ustadhs. Below are a collection of Islamic Lectures in English and some are available to download in mp3 format.

Although there are many good Islamic lectures and video clips, we can never really understand properly unless we continue studying the topic to get more in-depth detail.

If you are a person who learns primarily by watching or listening then there are various Islamic lectures contributed by Sheikhs and Ustadhs and they cover the relative topics to a deeper level.

Knowledge is a responsibility, a responsibility to spread that knowledge and put it into action. So once you enjoy these Islamic Videos and audio, please share it with your family and friends as Allah will ask you on the Day of Judgement what you did with what you learned. So make sure you have the best of answers for Him.

Islamic Lectures Online

Ustadh Alomgir Ali – Names and Attributes of Allah

Where better to begin but by learning about Allah himself. Our Creator, our Lord and our King. In this series of lectures, Ustadh Alomgir goes over the attributes and names of Allah so that we may appreciate Allah, respect Allah and worship Allah as He deserves to be worshipped.

We need to Love Allah (SWT) first, then our Prophet (SAW) and then our parents. So we should all make sincere intention to learn more about Allah so that we may establish a relationship with him.

YouTube playlist for the full series : Names and attributes of Allah


Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan – Tafseer of Juz Amma

Juz Amma is the part of the Qur’an that most Muslims tend to memorise. One of the main things we are encouraged to do as Muslims is to learn the meaning of what we recite and then to implement it within our lives, as this is what the Sahabas used to do.

This Tafseer series provides an overview of revelation and context so that you may increase your love for the Quran and attain closeness with Allah’s words that you recite daily as part of your Salah.

Bayyinah Podcast: Islamic Lectures on Tafseer Juz Amma


Mufti Ismail Ibn Musa Menk – Ramadan Series 2011 and 2012

Mufti Menk has 2 excellent Ilslamic lecture series that he has put together over the last 2 years and these videos are available on YouTube. The link below has all the YouTube links organised for you.

YouTube Videos: Mufti Menk Lectures on Ramadan


Mufti Menk – Stories of the Prophets Series (Audio Version)

The Ramadan Series he did in 2011 was an overview of some of the more well-known Prophets in Islam and an overview of their lives and lessons to learn from them.

MP3 Download and Podcast: Mufti Menk Stories of the Prophets Islamic Lecture Series


Mufti Menk – Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Series (Audio Version)

In the 2012 Ramadan Lecture Series he did an overview of the Seal of the Prophets, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Learning about our Prophet, our Role Model is important as we need to love him more than our parents and we need to learn how to live our lives from the lessons he has taught us.

He truly is the best of Mankind and we need to follow his footsteps inshaAllah.

Islamic Podcast and MP3 Download: Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)

To Summarise we need to learn about Islam and our purpose in life if we are to be succesful in this life and the here after. Please share these Islamic Lectures among your family and friends so that we can all attain the pleasure of our Creator.