As parents of Muslim children you are always thinking about how to make sure they don’t follow the incorrect path and you are always striving to make sure they turn out to be Islamic individuals.

Most parents are quite happy if their children are doing the minimum simple things like learning how to:

  • give salam to their elders
  • respect their siblings and everyone else
  • listen to their parents
  • learn to read the Quran
  • learn how to pray the salah
  • learn and memorize essential duas

Amongst a whole host of other things. Ingraining basic Islamic etiquettes into children is very hard! But as parents we try our best and rely on Allah (swt). My two nieces are glued to the T.V when it’s on,this isn’t necessarily a bad things but over doing it is.

Islam teaches us to make sure our children turn out to be the best in society who will lead by example. I don’t have any children yet but my profession as a teacher has given me enough insight into how children behave outside of their homes or away from their family. The one common thing among those teenagers that I teach are that they all lack seriousness and most of the time they lack Islamic etiquettes (adhaab). Muslim children need to be nurtured by their parents to be ambassadors of Islam by showing the great family values and that we are sincerely helpful and enlightened humans.

We can only try to make them think about our creator and our purpose in life, life is a constant struggle against our own disposition (Nafs). We will never be perfect but by understanding and realising where we are going wrong is a place to start, but that isn’t enough if we don’t take practical steps to fix our wrong ways.

The media that is available makes it very easy for us and especially muslim children to get very distracted easily which can result in un-Islamic behaviour.

At a very young age all children love to learn, my two nieces love to colour in pages after pages pictures of animals etc. Children also love to sing and they memorize things very quickly too.

Although this is a post about resources for Muslim Children to learn, I wanted to give a bit of a background of the things parents of muslim children face regularly. So I’ve gathered some resources for Muslim children, parents can use these to try to aid in making their children more Islamic.

Thank you for reading and I pray Allah (swt) helps you to raise your children in the best Islamic way possible [ameen!]

Five Pillars of Islam for Kids

First things first, the basics. Every Muslim children should learn the Five pillars of Islam. I have embedded two great videos that have been used in Schools as part of the religious education (r.e) subject in the United Kingdom.

Part One: Five Pillars of Islam in English (this is available also in French).

Part Two: Five Pillars of Islam

Duas for Children to Colour in

Some duas to learn whilst colouring in pictures.

Dua to enter your home with Colouring in

Dua to Enter Masjid (Mosque) with colouring in

Dua to Exit Masjid with colouring in

Arts and Crafts for Muslim Kids

Well this isn’t for just muslim kids but any kid can use this it has over 290 pages of fun for children to do including:

  • Paper Creation (origami)
  • Painting Projects
  • Sculpting
  • Homemade Toys

and much more, this is something parents can help their children with and keep them busy for hours whilst also enabling them to learn in a fun and engaging way.

Download the complete book of Arts & Crafts for Kids

Arabic Letters to Colour in

All muslim children must learn to read the Quran in Arabic as that has special blessings in itself and it is a means for you to get closer to Allah (swt) and gain contentedness and tranquility in the heart, your kids will love this.

Download Arabic Letter to Colour in – You can download the entire pdf by clicking here

Muslim children’s Play & Learn

A good resource to help your children learn more duas and etiquettes with this interactive game called what do we say – Click here.

Full list can be found by clicking here.

Videos for Children

Like I mentioned before children can get hooked onto television, with the rise of Islamic Channels there are some shows which children can watch but not enough on muslimville videos to keep your children hooked onto it and learn about Islam and it also has stories which are not always heard of.

Click here for Muslimville Cartoons

Childrens Nasheeds in English – Click Here

Childrens Nasheeds in arabic – Click here

Tajweed for Children

This is an online resource which can be used by adults too, it is an interactive tajweed learning tool. I recommend assisting your child to learn on this.

Click here for Tajweed for Children or beginners Interactive.

Comics For Muslim Children

A comic about Ramadan for kids – I thought it was quite funny but informative and practical. Click Here to download Islamic comic for Kids.

Comic about Iman and Huda, two little muslim girls daily lives.

Front Page

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I pray that your children are raised as best Muslims and are kept away from harm, I hope you found this useful that you’ll tell your family and friends about. I look forward to your comments and tips.