Ramadan is the holy month of Islam, contrary to common belief Ramadan is the actual name of the month and not just known by it. Muslims embrace Ramadan as a time to make the most of their worship and seek forgiveness from Allah (swt) as it is possible to get forgiven for all their previous sins in that month.

Many non-Muslims cannot fathom why Muslims would starve themselves throughout the day. But for Muslims it is about restraining themselves from Halal which is made Haram for them during Ramadan and also gaining the pleasure of their Lord, the most High!

One famous scholar once said: “… during Ramadan Allah has made Haram for you what is usually Halal, so that it is easier for you to keep away from Haram the rest of the 11 months.”

It is certainly a time of celebrations, as you are able to gain the pleasure of your Lord and be free from all your previous sins. So with this in mind Muslims like to remind and give glad tidings of the arrival of Ramadan.

Here is a selection of Ramadan Cards and Graphics that you can download and print or even email to all your Family and Friends.*

image of ramadan greeting card one

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