Films about Islam can really educate you about this great dynamic religion.

Would you like to know more about Islam and Muslims but don’t like to read books or you are too tired to do so? There have been many films made about Islam and Muslims, some good and some bad. Films allow you to see the entire story without making too much effort.

Islam has been at centre of controversy in the last few decades, but any open-minded person should make the effort to find out for sure if what is alleged is actually true without blindly believing in anecdotes.

There have been great films about Islam / muslims and Islamic documentaries by muslims and non-muslims, depicting stories based on sound evidence. What is usually portrayed in the media about Muslims is often a reaction to a situation or problem which is usually taken way out of context to manipulate the minds of viewers.

In my view current films about Islam will never be able to show you what Islam is, Islam is a comprehensive ideology, this means that it has answers for all of life’s affairs and the best ones too.

Now from which Islamic film are you going to be able to grasp that sort of information? Even when it was shown in the film ‘The Message’ (Life of Prophet Muhammad [saw]) that he went to Medina as a ruler to rule over an entire community even then it wasn’t obvious enough. After his (saw) death the empire of Islam went from strength to strength by conquering far away lands and liberating human beings from their unjust systems. If it were not an ideology, would it be able to successfully conquer lands and administer them justly?

After many centuries when the west came out of its dark ages and began to be enlightened, they schemed and plotted to get rid of this popular and just ideology of Islam, and then finally they were succesful by the will of Allah (swt).

Below are some films about Islam which may give you an idea of what Islam actually stands for and perhaps some insight into how western powers used their armies and envoys to destroy the mighty empire of Islam.

Lawrence of Arabia

image of lawrence of arabia

At a time when some western influences had already penetrated into the muslim lands, this man went down in history as one of the leading figures of disuniting the muslims namely the Turks and the Arabs.










Kingdom of Heaven

image of kingdom of heaven

This film depicts the story of the crusaders and their mission to conquer Jerusalem from the Muslims, they are met with Salah din Al-Ayubi. You can get a glimpse into how just the muslim rulers were.










The Message

image of the message - films about islam

A biography of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his mission. It is isn’t the most detailed but it does give an idea of the persecution the early muslims (sahabas) faced and how they responded.










Lion of the Desert

image of lion of the desertThe story of Libya and it’s independence from Italy. This was a war led by Omar Mukhtar a bedouin leader.











Maybe you’ve seen these films about Islam before? What do you think? Let me know with your comments and thanks for reading.

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