image of find facebook page id postI installed a Facebook Like Module for a Joomla website, for it to start working immediately so that the visitors can click on the Like Button I needed to give it the Facebook Page ID so that it can start working.

It wasn’t as straight forward, as I couldn’t easily find the Facebook page ID. I searched for it but it lead me to websites with ways that showed old ways to find the Facebook page ID.

I found instructions that said click on a photo and then take the ID from the GET parameter appended to the URL another one I found wrote that you needed to click on Facebook’s edit profile then on the URL you are on, the Facebook ID will be displayed. I tried those ways and it definitely didn’t work because when I inserted into my plugin it returned an error message!

I’m not sure if those methods used to work before but they certainly didn’t work for the Joomla Module that I was using.

So I looked at the Facebook Graph API documentation and tried to find a way to find the Facebook page ID and there it was, all I had to do was add my Facebook Page Name to the given URL (below) and it returned the Facebook Page ID that I was looking for. This works for all types of pages including personal profile pages and Facebook business pages.

This will work on all your WordPress Plugins that need it or like me if you need it for Joomla plugins or Modules then this works and it is the correct way to find the Facebook Page ID.

In addition to the Facebook Page ID the JSON that the above URL returns it will also give you more information about your page, such as how many likes your page has, the amount that are talking about it, username and much more. Try out the API yourself it is very elaborate.

Come back soon to read about creating your own custom share icons and find out why you may want to do that 🙂

Do you know any Facebook tricks? What has been your experience about connecting websites to social networks?