Social share icons are nearly on every single website! What about Islamic Icons?

With the rise of muslim blogs and websites, there have been a demand for Islamic graphics especially Islamic Icon sets that do not clash with your Islamic Themes which you may have on your website or blog.

I have previously created my own social share script for Facebook etc with a very nice looking Islamic themed icon set.

If you need Islamic icons for your website, below is a huge list of Islamic Icon Graphics including social media, search, directory listings and more that are free to download and use on your websites.

These come in a variety of formats including Vector EPS and PNG Icons. If you want to create your own Islamic Icons then you may like to read and download over 150 Islamic Brushes for Photoshop.

Free Islamic Social Media Icons

image of free islamic social media icons7 social media icons with styles, you can easily add others to these templates and if you know a bit of css you can also load it as css sprites and make them change colour on hover.


Islamic Icons for Search

image of free islamic search iconA set of 7 search icons that you can use for any programming, whether it be for web or desktop as the pack includes an original EPS file.




Islamic Prayer Icons

Image of Islamic Prayer Icons for DownloadA pack of 8 prayer pack icons consisting of two prayer mats, two Qurans on top Kursi, an image of the kaaba icon and three others.







Web and Directory Icons with Muslim Sisters Theme

Image of Web and Directory Islamic Sisters Themed Icon SetA theme for sisters, this icon pack has 11 Islamic Icons including about, rss, home, download, add to favourite and more. Don’t worry brothers the next one is yours 🙂



Muslim Brothers Islamic Icon Set

Image of Islamic Icons for Prayer Download brothers themeThis the above but in the brothers version this also contains 11 Islamic Icons, like all of the above you can easily resize and customise to your own needs.




I hope you enjoyed this post, at the time of posting these had no copyright and you could download these Islamic Icons free, but please do check with the owners after you click on the link. Thank you for Reading!