Quotes by Uthman number a few but are deep in meaning and you will be able to relate to it immediately, which is why I know you’ll love the quotes listed below.

The third caliph of Islam Hadhrat Uthman Ghani, he was known for being modest and generous (Ghani). His reign among the Khilafah Rashidah (The rightly guided caliphs) was the longest.

I listed 12 quotes before and briefly spoke about some of his qualities. So I won’t go into detailing his characteristics here again as there are many places available for just that.

The quotes by Uthman Ghani found in this post are from The biography of Uthman Ghani by Prof. Masud-ul-Hasan.

Quotes by Uthman Ghani

Here is a selection of quotes by Uthman ibn Affan. Read carefully and contemplate about what it means, I pray these act as good reminders for us and help us to become better Muslims.

“Acquire two habits, the habit of speaking the truth; and the habit to do good deeds.”

“Acquire wisdom from the story of the dead.”

“The world is proud. Leave it alone lest it entraps by its guises, and teaches you pride which will keep you away from Allah.”

“One should not feel happy at the acquisition of wealth, nor should be grieved at its loss.”

“Silence is the best cure of the malady of anger.”

“Extravagance amounts to thanklessness to Allah for his gifts.”

“That knowledge is blameworthy which is used solely to acquire wealth.”

“Any knowledge without putting it to practice is useless.”

“No one is to be held in contempt on account of poverty. Only he is to be contempt who is oblivious of his duties to Allah.”

“In the event of distress, a man depends solely on his own plans, and relies on the people. When he is disappointed from all sides, then alone he turns to Allah.”

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