Islamic apps for Ramadan 2013There are tons of Islamic apps around to help you to learn about Islam or even make things such as finding a local masjid easy for you.
Ramadan is a time to maximise your rewards by increasing your worship. With a very busy lifestyle it can get a bit hard to focus on worship 100%.

But if we plan out our month of fasting in Ramadan along with all the extra acts of worship we can certainly make it more easy for us to concentrate on maximizing our good deeds.

As with a lot of other things we are already used to making our tasks a lot more efficient with the aid of computers and other devices such as phones and tablets. It is also true that we can use computers to aid in us worshipping our creator in a more organised way this Ramadan.

In this case Islamic apps will help us to gain more rewards by organizing our time effectively using some of the best apps that are around, we’ll look at Islamic apps for Android and iPhone O.S.

Nowadays we can use apps to:

  • find closest mosques
  • get prayers times for various cities across the world
  • find qibla direction
  • read the Quran
  • find references for ahadith
  • aid us to remember duas and a lot more.

This post will focus on apps that have been built specifically for Ramadan or apps that have certain features that will help us to make the most of Ramadan!

Ramadan is due to begin on the 9th of July 2013, depending on the sighting of the moon.

Islamic Apps for Ramadan, Android & iPhone O.S

alQibla – A comprehensive Qibla finder based on your location with search facility too, this also includes prayer times calculation based on various methods with the ability to share the prayer times with your friends and family. There are other features such as different adhaan for each prayers. alQibla for Android, alQibla for iPhone

Ramadan 2013 – has the entire Ramadan timetable for your city in English but not updated with this year’s Ramadan calendar yet and though it has some good reviews in Google Play I didn’t think it was all that! Ramadan times for Android, for IOS

Shahr Ramadan, Iftaar and Imsak times (Arabic) – It can be tricky if you are out and about and need to break your fast. Especially if you are far from your own city, knowing when to begin and end fasting can be tricky. Well with the Shahr Ramadan app you’ll be able to do just that without much fuss, it will get the times for you based on your location. Shahr Ramadan for Android, Download for iPhone.

Ramadan Achievements / Tracker – there are a few different ones that do similar things. This features a check list of all things that you should do and once you have done it you can tick it off. It is ideal for new Muslims and those who need that extra reminder. This is available for Android only however there is a similar one for iPhone which I’ve added but it is $0.99 let me know if you know of any that are free and good. Ramadan Achievements for Android, Ramadan Tracker iPhone.

iDuas Ramadhan – Specially picked duas just for Ramadan and special nights such as Laylat al-Qadr. It has a feature to download the duas in MP3 format. Islamic Duas App Android, iPhone Dua App.

Ramadan & its Virtues (Ramadan App) – learn all about Ramadan all in one app. It covers many topics such as the rewards for providing food, the wisdom behind fasting and much more. Download for Android.

Resala Ramadan – Very similar to above but for iPhone. Download iPhone version here, for Android version.

Ramadan Food Apps: Ramadan Recipes, Best Ramadan Recipes.

Tasbih+ – An easy and simple to use tasbih app, good if you forget to carry your beads with you. Android version, IOS.

Ramadan Reminders – it features daily motivational Islamic reminders straight to your Android device also ad free. It has the ability to share easily with your contacts. Download for Android.

Apps to help you Learn & Recite Quran

Learn Iqra – It is narrated in a hadith that whoever learns the Quran and teaches it, is the best. With this app you can easily learn to read the Quran. It has a simple user interface with Arabic and English translations. Download for Android, IOS Version, Blackberry Version. This is the free version there is also a paid version with more features.

Eghra Learn Quran Free – also another app to help you recite better, perhaps for the more advanced. It allows you to record your own voice and compare it with others around the world. It also features transliterations and meanings of words in 50 languages. Learn Quran Android, Memorize Quran iPhone.

Quran Learning – An app to help you to start reading the Quran although it does have an intermediate level too which is good because once you have mastered the basic then you can move on. This will help you learn the Tajweed rules using easy techniques. Download for Android.

Colour Coded Tajweed for iPhone – very similar to above android version. Download.

Some of the above Islamic apps were only created for last Ramadan and therefore haven’t been updated since, I hope the developers update their versions with new times.

Hope fully that is enough to keep you going for the entire month of Ramadan, if you know of any Islamic apps for Ramadan or those that may be useful please let me know.

Have a great Ramadan and may Allah forgive all our sins, ameen!