Islamic Brushes Free 6 Sets to Download

Islamic Brushes Free 6 Sets to Download

Islamic brushes give you the ability to draw patterns with different colours very easily. Using Photoshop or the free image editor Gimp you are able to produce excellent pictures and images with the brush feature.

I’ve collected a few Islamic brushes so I am going to share some with you. These are brush sets this means that each pack has more than one Islamic brush in total there are over 150 brushes included in this entire collection so you’ll hardly run out of brushes to use.

By Islamic brushes I mean brushes that have verses of the Quran or brushes that have Islamic connotations to it ie. these brushes draws you mosques, islamic borders and tiles and much more.

If you are like me and aren’t so good at art with the mouse then you can use these brushes to easily make wonderful images.

Islamic Brushes Set to Download.

image of islamic bismillah brushes download pack five16 Basmalah (Bismillah Brushes)Download

Like the title suggests it has 16 brushes for use in Photoshop other editors.










image of islamic gimp brushes download pack sixIslamic Gimp BrushesDownload

86 Amazing Islamic Brushes specifically for Gimp, I am not sure if it will work with Photoshop but I know Photoshop brushes work with Gimp.










image of islamic brushes download pack one

Islamic months and moreDownload

These are the months of Islam in Arabic, you can use these if you are creating a Hijra calendar. It also has more brushes like the name suggests.





image of islamic-arabic brushes download pack twoArabic Style BrushesDownload

A set of 27 Islamic/arabic brushes to download, this one is amazing it contains borders and many other patterns/symbols that are ready to use with Photoshop immediately.








image of islamic floral brushes download pack threeIslamic Brushes FloralDownload

A set of Islamic Designs made for Photoshop CS. The set consists of total 16 brushes:
– 4 corner flora designs
– 12 free flora designs









image of islamic geometry brushes download pack fourIslamic Brushes GeometricDownload

Includes 8 brushes with Islamic Geometry Patterns.







So there you have my collection of Islamic brushes to download, if you aren’t able to use it for any reason please do let me know.

PS. Show me the images that you make using the brushes listed here and please don’t forget to acknowledge the owners.

Thanks for reading!

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    Good collection.

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    Nice collection of Islamic brushes.
    Islamic Website

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    thanx…. i owe man 🙂

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    Lovely wall paper

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    can i use this images for my website

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