We’re nearly there, another Islamic Calendar year has already elapsed! We’re heading straight for 1436 Hijri! And due to popular demand we’ve created some nice looking islamic calendars for the new year 1436, you can download them straight to your computer and use it right away.

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The calendar started from the date of the migration to Medina, it could have been from the date of the revelation of the Quran or from the year of birth of the prophet (pbuh) but no it was from the date that they migrated to Medina, why?

Well from the day they migrated (Hijrah) to Medina, it meant that Islam had found its own state, one from which Muslims could be ruled with the Sharia i.e. the authority of Islam was established. This meant that the law of the creator was placed firmly on the land enabling the muslims to live in security and more importantly they lived in a society that was fair to each and every citizen, even non-muslims.

The current Islamic year is 1435 we will be in 1436 very soon, we pray that Allah (swt) restores the authority of Islam very soon so that we can live in harmony with one another!

Every month in the Islamic Calendar also has a virtue, I’ll shortly be doing another post on the virtues of the Islamic months. Make sure you come back to read that.

For all the Islamic Festivals of 2015 including Eid and Ramadan dates.

Download the Islamic Calendars 1436 Hijri

Usually I just create one size A4 calendars, but this time I have created a few different sizes. You’ll find A4, A5 and a minimum 1080px wallpaper in PDF format.

Just click on the image or the download link to download them to your computer and make sure you share them with your friends and family.

Credit to the moon sighting website for the excellent work they are doing to keep the sighting of the moon based on fiqh. All dates in these calendars are taken from there.

Polite notice: You can use this in your websites but please do not claim it to be your own work, always leave a reference as I have spent nearly a month creating these, though it isn’t mandatory but I would prefer a link back.

Islamic Calendar Number one, with a grey background and bokeh effects A5 in size. I’ve added a verse from the Quran and put metallic effects on it so that it looks extremely cool! What do you think?


islamic calendar 2015 1436 hijri with quran ayat a5

Islamic Calendar Number two. This one is a multi-coloured wallpaper size (1080px) I’ve used one of my favourite brushes, the minarets with a drop shadow. There’s also an Ayat from the Quran in the middle of the circle.


rainbow islamic calendar 2015 - 1436 hijri

Islamic Calendar Number three. I bought this image of Makkah from one of the stock photo websites and added an overlay to give it a blue shade. There are two different versions of this Makkah Calendar scroll down to see the other, this one is in A4 size.


a4 makkah islamic calendar 2015 - 1436 hijri v2

Download Islamic Calendar 2014/2015, 1436 Number four. A4 portrait orientation, with multi-colours and mosaic tiles.


a4 landscape office islamic calendar 1436 hijri

Floral Islamic Calendar A5. One of the more brighter ones, this is has the feel of spring with flowers and leaves. The dates are also brightly coloured.


floral islamic calendar 2015 1436 hijri a5

Year of the Quran 1436. Will this be the year of the Quran for you? What are your targets for this year? On a side note, I’ve used this Quran image before to create an Islamic Screen Saver.

Download A4 Islamic Calendar.

quran islamic calendar 2015 - 1436 hijri a4

To the Future 1436. If you look closely you’ll be able to see an Ayat of the Quran behind the months. This one is a wallpaper size, though bigger than 1080px.


islamic calendar 2015 - 1436 hijri


Makkah Calendar Alternate Version. This is the second of the two with the Mosque of Makkah, which one do you like more? This is also A4 in size.


a4 makkah islamic calendar 2015 - 1436 hijri

So there! All the new Islamic Calendars for 1436 Hijri (2015/16 A.D). I hope you have enjoyed looking and downloading, please make sure you leave a comment and share it with your friends and family!