Better late than never, is what I thought when I realised I hadn’t created a list of all the islamic calendar dates for 2017.

So I’ll keep it brief and list all the dates below so you can view it all at once. And as an added bonus this year you can download the dates as an iCal file so it will automatically add all the islamic events listed here to your calendar application. It also has a reminder 24 hours before the event by default.

If you’re familiar with iCal files you’ll know how handy it is especially with the popularity of smart phones and applications that use iCal files.

If you aren’t used to using these files, in a nut-shell this file will automatically add all the islamic dates to your existing calendar as events, most popular applications use the ics file. You can use it on Google Calendar, Mac, iPhone, Microsoft, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and lots more, take a look at here for more information on iCal/ics files and how to open and use them.

Note on dates, all dates are dependant upon the sighting of the new moon and taken from here.

Islamic dates and iCal Download

Download the iCal file of all Islamic dates for 2017 to use on your personal calendars.

Event Hijri date Gregorian Date
Ramadan 1st Ramadan 1438 27th May 2017
Night of Qadr (Power) 21st – 29th Ramadan 16th – 24th June 2017
Eid al-Fitr* 1st Shawwal 1438 25th June 2017
Days of Hajj 8th – 16th Dhul-Hijjah 30th Aug 2017 – 7th Sept 2017
Night of Arafat 9th Dhul-Hijjah 1438 31st August 2017
Eid al-Adha 10th Dhul-Hijjah 1438 1st September 2017
Islamic New Hijri Year 1st Muharram 1439 21st Sept 2017
Ashurah 10th Muharram 1439 30th September 2017
Milad an-Nabi (mawlid) 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1439 1st December 2017


For descriptions of each event take a look at last year’s calendar where I have described each event.

If you’d like to edit the dates or titles in the calendar file then download it from above and then re-upload it here to edit it.

Let me know if you run into any issues or have any problems.