My earlier post on Islamic Facebook Covers was and still is a great resource for your Facebook page/profile. Your timeline cover photo says a lot about your identity as a Muslim and if you have an Islamic Facebook Group then you’ll definitely want to have an Islamic Facebook Cover Photo.

Facebook groups tend to change their Islamic Facebook Covers quite often so that it looks fresh every so often and it is also a way to display a new message for their users.

This can be a good way to keep your users engaged or at least make them comment on what they think the new timeline cover looks like.

Previously I showcased 12 different Islamic Facebook Covers, which had a nice message on it such as a hadith or an ayah of the Quran and they are still available for download.

This time I am going to keep it to nice messages but I’ve also included beautifully designed plain ones so that if you want to, you can keep the timeline cover (image) as it is and using any good image editor you can add your own quotes etc each time you need to. Remember changing the text can keep your users on their toes and it can be a way to getting repeat visitors to your page.

I am sure you are going to love them as I have already posted some of these on one of my own Facebook pages before and it has had an overwhelming positive response. 🙂

All you have to do now is download the Islamic Facebook Covers which are already in the correct size and then just upload it to your own Facebook Page or Profile.

By the way as an added bonus some of these Islamic Timeline Covers are going to be available for download as HD wallpapers for your PC/Mac so watch out for that soon.

Islamic Facebook Covers

Bear Witness Cover Photo – Download

An excellent and beautiful illustration of 3D metallic text with a subtle background effect, made using Gimp.

Bear witness Islamic Facebook Cover Photo

We are Muslims Facebook Cover – Download

A nice spectrum style bubbled effect with plump text, with a raised effect.

we are muslims islamic facebook covers

Islam a way of Life – Download

Weaved pattern with saturated text and images of mosque minarets.

islamic facebook cover photo with a weaved pattern and saturated text

Urban Muslims Graffiti Islamic Facebook Cover Image – Download

An inner city style timeline cover with graffiti.

Islamic Graffiti Image for Facebook Timeline

Plain Stylish Islamic Facebook Covers

Starburst Rainbow – Download

Bursting with colours from the centre, can you see what it says in the middle?

starburst rainbow effect fb cover image

Lanterns Timeline Cover – Download

A simple light colour timeline cover with mosaic patterns.

timeline cover with lanterns

Multi-Coloured Arabic Letters – Download

With a white background, it features letters of the Arabic alphabet.

Arabic Alphabet Timeline cover

Lightness Islamic Facebook Timeline Cover Photo – Download

Like most of the above these covers are really templates for you to add your own text on to.

Light effects cover photo

Islamic Abstract Timeline Cover Photo – Download

islamic abstract timeline cover photo

That concludes the template style cover photos, below are some with quotes from the Quran and Hadith.

Timeline Covers with Quotes

Planners’ Plan – Download

A verse from the Quran translated in English.

Planners cover photo

Obedience to Allah – Download

A patterned timeline cover with a hadith that talks about being obedient to Allah by being obedient to his Messenger (saw).

Obedience cover photo

Desire Killer – Download

Do we think about death enough? It is inevitable and thinking about it often will certainly make you steadfast.

timeline cover with hadith

Steadfast Ummah – Download

A little making dua and a picture of a mosque featuring the hadith of the victorious group of Muslims.

facebook cover photo with quote download

Hadith Narrations Facebook Cover Photo – Download

A good reminder about narrating hadith just for the sake of it.

hadith timeline cover

Innovation – Download

The hadith about innovations featuring bright colours.

innovation fb cover

So that’s the latest 15 Islamic Facebook Timeline Covers, I hope you have enjoyed watching and downloading.

Which one is your favourite? Do you have any of your own?