12 Elegant Islamic Facebook Timeline Covers

12 Elegant Islamic Facebook Timeline Covers

An Islamic Facebook timeline cover gives you the ability to have two pictures in one. It is a way to show your Facebook Cover Photo in really nice way. There are some really creative and innovate Facebook timeline covers. Some Islamic timeline covers are also beautiful as well.

The best covers have both the images merged as one, so that it looks like as if it is a single image. If you want to see some examples of top islamic Facebook Pages and their Islamic timeline covers then be sure to read my earlier post on top islamic Facebook pages by likes. Ok some of them just have enormous amounts of likes but their timeline cover isn’t anything extraordinary! But at least it may give you an idea of what to avoid 🙂

All of the Facebook Cover Photos below have beautiful verses from the Quran and excellent ahadith, so all your friends and visitors can be reminded about Islam.

The dimensions of the Facebook timeline covers are 851px by 315px.

Islamic Facebook Timeline Covers

Glad tidings – Islamic Facebook Timeline Cover. Download

What is the glad tidings? This is the ayah in the Quran where Allah (swt) promises the Muslims that there will be victory, in a World full of oppression we need to have patience and persevere and keep steadfast on our belief if we are to be victorious.

image of Glad tidings facebook islamic timeline cover download

FacebookTimeLine – Stranger Download

Stranger Facebook Islamic Timeline cover by abuKhashiyah, it is the hadith of the strangers found in Sahih Bukhari, incidentally Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali did an excellent commentary on this hadith.

image of facebook timeline cover - stranger

Timeline cover about Advice – Sahih Muslim. Download

An excellent reminder that everyone must adhere to Islam regardless of social status.

image of nasihah fb timeline cover

Hadith Timeline coverDownload

This is an excellent reminder for waking up early and take the day by the scruff of the neck.

image of Islamic facebook timeline cover about hadith

Islamic Facebook Timeline cover three – Hadith about treating women well. Download

Another beautiful hadith, this time about treating women well, in this hadith the Prophet (saw) urges us to treat women with respect! Many other narrations also highlight the best status of women in Islam.

image of islamic facebook timeline cover - hadith about women

Hadith of the Traveller – Islamic Facebook Timeline cover. Download

What a beautiful hadith very similar to the one above about the strangers. Muslims are travellers in this World i.e. if you feel comfortable in this life then you need to change how you act! This World is only a temporary station.

image of hadith of the traveller facebook timeline cover

A mercy to the World – Islamic Facebook Timeline Cover. Download

The Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) had been sent to the World as a mercy for Mankind! Are we in dire need on this? We have the truth why are we shy to convey it? Check out the next timeline cover’s message!

image of a mercy to mankind timeline cover

Convey the Message of Islam – Timeline cover. Download

This hadith makes it mandatory to convey the message of Islam. It is not an excuse to remain ignorant rather it makes it mandatory to seek the correct knowledge and then convey it in the best of manners with wisdom and beautiful preaching.

Reason for Existence – Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. Download

Do we ever ponder the reason for our existence? Do we ever ponder why Allah (swt) created us? If you answer this question correctly then your entire outlook in life will be correct!

image of existence fb timeline cover photo download

Facebook Cover Photo – Lessons from the Women in Islam. Download

There have been excellent examples from the women in Islam, this timeline cover has five sincere advice that you can learn from the blessed women in Islam.

image of islamic quotes timeline cover

Surah al-Ikhlas – Facebook Cover Photo. Download

One of the chapters of the Quran, the surah al-Ikhlas has many virtues. This Islamic Facebook timeline cover can be used for many pages such as Islamic dawah etc.

image of dawah islamic timeline cover

I am a Muslim – Timeline Photo Cover. Download

image of i am a muslim facebook timeline cover

That is the 12 Facebook Islamic Timeline covers, I hope you liked it and thanks for reading! Please note all rights are reserved by their respectful owners.

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