Since we started our Islamic weekend learning school for the local children, we haven’t really put up any good Islamic posters.

Because we had a lot to set up and posters weren’t included in the initial plan and partly because the ones that are already available (ready made posters) weren’t really that nice or if they were nice then the price wasn’t that good. Basically it wasn’t what we were looking for.

So as usual, we thought why not just create our own Islamic posters and get them printed ourselves then maybe we could save a few quid and then spend that on some books etc for the kids, I rang up a guy that I knew and he was able to give me a nice price for printing large-sized posters.

We put down a few criteria before we started to design our own Islamic posters, they were as below:

  1. needs to have a good concise message, one that is practical for their reality
  2. it has to have a nice design
  3. cannot be cluttered
  4. good colour combinations
  5. and modern looking

Having put down the above criteria I sat down and started to draw up some rough sketches so that I could convert them into our posters.

Then when I thought I had enough designs ready, I started to create them digitally using gimp.

I am not a designer by profession so it was also a learning curve for me, I looked up some tutorials on YouTube and followed them and at the same time I used my creativity, which admittedly isn’t that great 🙂

Some of the posters use royalty free vectors images that I downloaded so I can’t take total credit for those.

But I think it came out nice, and the Islamic Posters that I created matched the set criteria so all wasn’t bad. Just download any or all the Islamic posters now and print and if you like it you can tell people where you got it from!

Islamic Posters

Islamic Heroes Poster Download.

Our first poster is one with the names of our Muslim heroes it is not exhaustive list however I tried to put in the ones that came on top of my head first. I created the poster with the T.V show Heroes logo.

names of islamic heroes poster

Potential of knowledge Poster Download.

The second poster in the set is a quote from Imam al-Ghazali about knowledge and its potential, it leads one to think about how to make the thinking into concepts.

potential of knowledge quote by Imam Ghazali poster

Etiquettes of the Road Download.

Children tend to hang around in the streets a lot, well certainly where I am from. This poster has a hadith about the rights of hanging around in the streets. Must for all children and adults alike.

etiquettes of hanging around on the roads hadith poster

Daily Reminders for Children Islamic Poster Download.

We all need reminders, this poster has four easy to remember tasks for children. It is designed to look like post-it notes.

islamic poster about reminders for children

Allah is Beautiful and Loves Beauty Poster Download.

A beautifully designed poster with the hadith that reminds us to look beautiful and is also has the definition of pride, our children will be very good if they could remove arrogance and pride from themselves.

allah is beautiful islamic poster

Words of Islam Download.

A word for each letter of ISLAM, these are words that can be associated with being a highly influential muslim, one who can be an ambassador of Islam and convey it to others confidently.

islamic posters with a word with each letter from ISLAM

Best Muslim Poster Download.

The hadith about not harming others with our hands, the Prophet (saw) likens it to the one who is the best. So definitely a recommendation to adhere to. The word Muslim has paint splatter and is slightly raised, I hope you are getting some of the design concepts 🙂

hadith of the best muslim poster with paint splatters

Reconciliation Quote Islamic Poster Download.

With a light spectrum background, this poster has another quote by Imam Ghazali. It is about knowing that Allah (swt) has decreed whatever he willed for you so there is no need to despair.

quote about predestination and the heart islamic posters free

I Love my Prophet Download.

We as Muslims need to love our Prophet and Allah more than we love ourselves, that is the only way we will do things only for the sake of Islam. This poster should serve as a reminder to all.

i love my prophet poster

Teach Poster Download.

Our last poster is one for the teachers, our beloved Prophet (saw) knew ways to explain the most complicated concepts to all very easily and effectively.

teaching effectively poster

This brings us to the end of this post, in total there are 10 Islamic Posters to download, and the links are all zipped up so you need to unzip first and then print them. They are all very large and in high quality definition so you should have no problems printing.

I promise there will be more in the very near future, just keep an eye out and please do let me know what you think and if you have any good posters that you are using to encourage your children.