Islamic Powerpoint and Presentation Templates Download

Islamic Powerpoint and Presentation Templates Download

Free Islamic Powerpoint to download and use straight away! There is no need to register, just click and download the beautiful Islamic PowerPoint and Templates.

If you don’t want to customise your own presentation each time you use it then this will come in very handy for you. All you have to do is open it up or follow the instructions below, to use it over and over as your slide show theme.

These Islamic PowerPoint have been created using high quality images so that it looks sharp and crisp! Each Presentation template file features a unique title page as well as unique content slides for the rest of the presentation additionally each one has a unique set of fonts too.

I know a lot of people who deliver Islamic Lectures using Powerpoint presentations and unfortunately their slide shows aren’t as good-looking as their delivery. 🙂

So with that in mind and the fact that I deliver lessons to my students on a daily basis I decided to create some exceptionally beautiful looking Islamic Powerpoint templates.

There are no limitations in using these, if you are already acquainted with Microsoft Powerpoint or any presentation software that supports Microsoft files then you can easily customise these slides yourself even more and save it as themes too.

I’ll be emailing these slides to all the guys that I know who could do with a nice looking template or two, usually they have their crowd well engaged and listening anyway but I hope this will give those who are visual learners in the crowd that extra bit of support.


Install Islamic Powerpoint Templates

To use these files just follow the instructions below, you’ll notice that it isn’t the usual .ppt or .pptx file because they are template files they are in the .pot / .potx format.

  1. The best way to make sure that you have the Islamic Powerpoint templates intact ready for use every time. Download the template (s) from below and then save it to any of your folders then depending on which Windows Operating system you have copy and paste the templates into the following folder:
    • For Windows 7 and Vista : “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\”
    • For Windows XP : “C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates”
    • For Mac: “Applications folder/Microsoft Office/Templates/My Templates”.

Make sure you change UserName to your own username.

To use the templates open up PowerPoint or whichever slide viewer you have and then click new and select ‘My Templates‘ you should now see them and be able to use it right away.

Optionally to use these as themes ie make it available in your designs tab, all you have to do once the template is open, click on the Design tab, then click the drop down arrow to display all the themes you have, then click Save Current Theme. Give it a name and after that it will be available will all your other themes.

So now whether you are doing a presentation on the 5 Pillars of Islam, the Quran or Islam generally you won’t have to worry about the design because one of the below is bound to suit for your purpose.

In addition to the themes I’ve added three already made Islam PowerPoint which include prompts about the Quran, the Five Pillars of Islam and a presentation about some Muslim beliefs.

Islamic PowerPoint

Below are all the zipped Islamic PowerPoint Files it has both versions for Office 97 – 2003 also 2007 / 2010. Click on download and then save to your PC or Mac.

Pattern Designs Template – Download

An orange theme with elements of different patterns. Picture of Title and Content slide below.

islamic patterns title slide islamic patterns content slide

Mosque Minaret Islamic PowerPointDownload

A light coloured theme with a minaret window and some arabic text.

mosque minarette islamic powerpoint title mosque minarette powerpoint content slide

Blue Stars PowerPoint TemplateDownload

An elegant mosaic styled blue stars theme with a header and footer.

blue stars theme title slide blue stars theme content slide

Islamic Abstract PowerPointDownload

A dark Islamic Theme with arabic Calligraphy and white text.

islamic abstract theme title islamic abstract theme content

Henna Style Border Presentation TemplateDownload

Bordered with a nice bright coloured henna tattoo style theme. Ideal for design presentations?

henna style title slide henna style content Islamic Powerpoint

Dome of Rock MosqueDownload

Full size image of the Dome of Rock Mosque in Palestine, this is a nice template that you can use over and over for all presentations.

dome of rock content slide dome of rock title slide

Islamic PowerPoint Flower ThemeDownload

A flower border on one side with “Basmalah” on the other.

islamic flower theme title slide islamic flower theme content slide

Mosaic Style Pattern Islamic Presentation ThemeDownload

Similar to one of the above ones, actually it is an adaptation. Can you guess which one?

full mosaic theme title slide full mosaic theme content slide

Bismillah Template – Download

An elegant PowerPoint Template with contrasting colours featuring the boxed style Bismillah in Arabic.

bismillah template title slide bismillah template content slide

Mosque Silhouette Islamic PowerPointDownload

A silhouette of a mosque but not in black.

mosque silhouette islamic powerpoint title slide mosque silhouette islamic powerpoint content slide

Beautiful Mosque Islamic Presentation TemplateDownload

This is my favourite one! Can you guess why? I know it is dark but it’s lovely isn’t it?

beautiful mosque islamic powerpoint title slide beautiful mosque islamic powerpoint content slide

Widescreen Islamic PowerPoint, Coloured MosaicDownload

This is the most elaborate one out of all the templates, it is in the widescreen format and it looks very nice too.

wide coloured mosaic title slide wide coloured mosaic content slide

That’s all the Islamic PowerPoint Templates, now download the three ready-made presentations all in one zip. Contains a presentation on the Prophets in Islam, General Islam and The Five Pillars of Islam. – Click to Download

What kind of lectures do you present? Does having a Presentation make your speech / delivery more effective?

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