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It has been a while since I compiled some pictures quotes, the previous post remains of the most popular in this blog! There are a few islamic quotes on pictures posts here but one remains top, it’s because the quotes are excellent and the designs just go with it.

We love short and meaningful islamic quotes, they reach out to us in many ways and we can relate to the quotes very easily. It’s nice to be able to have a variety of islamic quotes especially written on images so that we’re able to share it quickly with others.

I have compiled some of the nicest quotes and pictures from, who create quotes on pictures on a daily basis. Below are a compilation of islamic quotes on pictures from various authors (islamic scholars, Quran, hadith etc) about life, love and character.

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Islamic Picture Quotes about Life

I hope you love these picture quotes and share it among your friends and family! This section of pictures contains quotes about life with an accompanying quote.

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Truth lifts the heart – Download

islamic quote on picture by Rumi. Truth lifts the heart like water refreshes thirst.

Salah better than sleep – Download

picture quote from Azaan, salah is better than sleep.

How far is your journey? – Download

Quote picture about travelling. By Fudayl ibn Iyad

How far is my journey and little is the provision I have. Fudayl ibn Iyad

Knowledge! – Download

Knowledge enlivens the soul by Imam Ali.

Humbly submissive – Download

verse from the Quran on green background picture.

Keep your nafs busy – Download

islamic quotes about life by imam Shafi.

Control your desires – Download

Islamic quote on picture by Imam Ghazali about desires.

Desires make slaves out of kings and patience makes kings out of slaves. Imam Ghazali.

Death is seeking you – Download

Hasan al-Basri quote about death. Download the picture quote.

Generosity – Download

Islamic quote about being generous in life by Imam Ali.

Life of this World – Download

Islamic quotes about life. A verse from the quran. Deception of the world.

But a moment … – Download

Make it a moment of obedience in this life picture quote.

Taste death – Download

Every soul shall taste death on black background.

Islamic Quotes on Pictures about Speaking

A selection of images with quotes about remaining silent when necessary. Quotes full of wisdom by authors such as Imam Ali, Umar ibn al-Khattab, Rumi and more.

Art of Silence – Download

Let silence be the art you practice on water background. Tranquil surrounding.

Regret speech – Download

Islamic quote picture about being silent by Uman ibn al-Khattab.

Listen? – Download

The quieter you are the more you are able to hear by Rumi. Picture quote download.

Raise your words! – Download

Islamic pictures with quotes with quote from Rumi about raising your words not voice.

Taste of the heart – Download

Picture quote by ibn al Qayyim about man's speech.

Eloquent reply – Download

Imam Ali's quote about remaining silent as being eloquent.

Say good or remain silent – Download

Say good or remain silent hadith on a picture with sunset background.

Islamic Quotes on Picture about Love

The quotes and pictures in this section are about love in Islam. The quotes are taken from islamic sources such as Hadith and Quran. As well as mentions from classical scholars. Enjoy!

Love you! – Download

Dua from Hadith about love, when some says they love you! A picture of heart shaped hands.

Proclaim love – Download

If you love him tell him! Picture download about love from hadith.

Get love – Download

To get what you love you need to be patient with what you hate by imam ghazali picture quote.

Best Character loves – Download

islamic quotes about love from hadith.

Marriage for lovers – Download

Nothing like marriage for lovers picture download. Hadith about getting married if you love someone.

Unite in goodness – Download

Picture quote for married couple to unite in goodness.

Dua for newly married couple from Hisnul Muslim.

Whom you love – Download

you'll be with whom you love picture quote.

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