Yet another Islamic wallpapers post!

This time though, they have all been created by me and I think they are stunningly beautiful! As usual the wallpapers are in HD quality and various sizes so they’ll all fit perfectly on your desktop.

The designs have a theme, they all contain phrases or artwork that resembles Islamic heritage some are even 3 dimensional.

It took me nearly two months to finish creating all the Islamic wallpapers, but I am glad it has finished now so I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

I will love your opinion on it because it matters to me, after all these were created just for you guys!

So if you loved it, hated it or thought it could be changed in a certain way just leave a comment below and once I start creating the next set of islamic wallpapers I’ll keep the feedback in mind.

Exclusive Islamic Wallpapers

polaroid style mosque photo frame islamic wallpaperA Mosque photo created to look like two Polaroid images merged into one.

Download this wallpaper.

masha allah islamic wallpaperMasha Allah wallpaper, weaved and then the text both in Arabic and English has been saturated in to the weave.


islam lover wallpaperA nice coloured Islamic wallpaper, I misspelt love and realised afterwards 🙂 Then I thought it looked nice and kind of made sense?

Download Islam Lovr Wallpaper.

one ummah islamic wallpaperOne Ummah (nation) wallpaper.


i am muslim islamic wallpaperI am a muslim desktop wallpaper, abstract bamboo style with block texts.

Download Now.

another world hd desktop wallpaperThis wallpaper is called ‘Another World’ I’ve called in that because it is out of this world!


islamic wallpapers of a mosque with weaved effectsAnother weaved Islamic Wallpaper, this time it is a photograph of a real Mosque.

Download Weaved Mosque Wallpaper.

make wudu islamic wallpapers hd collectionMake Wudu and brighten up your day, feel refreshed. Aren’t we blessed? Alhamdulillah!

Download Wudu Wallpaper.

3d mosque cube wallpaper3D Cube of three Mosque images, including Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.

Download Islamic Mosque Wallpaper.

page ripped effect wallpaperPaper Ripped effect wallpaper with the Basmalah (in the Name of Allah).

Download Basmalah Wallpaper.

stripey effect islamic wallpapersColourful stripes & raised effect desktop graphic. This reminds me of Paul Smith designs 🙂

Download Stripes Mosque Background.

raised mosque wallpaperAnother Raised mosque wallpaper, this time with me favourite background, the mosaic effect I’ve used plenty of other times through various graphics in other posts.


proud muslimsProud Muslims desktop background with a spectrum effect.

Download version one.

spectrum wallpaperSpectrum style version two, this one is a little more brighter and features a stamp of the Shahadah.

Download version Two.

colourful shahadahMy favourite one is the colourful Shahadah design.


I kept the best till last, I hope you liked the designer wallpapers for your Mac or PC desktops.

Please do leave some feedback and share this with your friends and family.