Islamic wallpapers for iPhones, includes images for iPhone 5, 5s, and 4.

If you have had problems with wallpapers on your iPhones in the past because they are stretched or pixellated, that’s because the wallpapers were too small and the wrong size. I’ve taken the time to gather some iPhone wallpapers and I have also created some for you to download absolutely free!

If you need to know what the dimensions are for the wallpapers, here are the correct resolutions:

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5th gen – 1136 x 640
  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 – 960 x 640

I’ve collected 15 Islamic wallpapers for your iPhones so you can download and use absolutely free. Just save the pictures and enjoy. And if you don’t know how to change the wallpapers on your phones, here’s a tutorial where you can find out how to easily change your mobile phone’s wallpaper.

How to Change iPhone wallpaper.

If you aren’t downloading this straight from your phone, then you’ll need to transfer it either by emailing yourself or by connecting it to your P.C and have it synced.

Islamic Wallpapers for iPhones

iPhone 5 and 5s wallpapers.

Islamic1 by fhkstoic, 1136 x 640 – Download

islamic wallpaper for IPhones 1

iPhone 5s Islam Wallpaper by memedalilimani, 1136 x 640 – Download

iphone 5s islam wallpaper by memedalilimani

iPhone 5/5s Wallpaper Islam by memedalilimani, 1136 x 640 – Download

iphone 5/5s wallpapers islamic

Al7amdu-Lellah-iPhone by silentsplendor, 960 x 640 (iPhone 4 and 4s) – Download

alhamdulillah islamic iphone 4 wallpaper

Exclusive Islamic wallpapers for iPhones by

Here are the ones I’ve created exclusively just for this post, some are using stock photos and graphics for their background, admittedly I’ve just added an islamic flavour to it. 🙂

Mosque Islamic wallpaper for iPhones, 1136 x 640 (iPhone 5 / 5S) – Download.

mosque iphone 5s wallpaper

Verse from the Quran iPhone, 1136 x 640 – Download.

Islamic wallpapers for iPhones with verses from the quran

Word Cloud Wallpaper,1136 x 640 – Download.

islamic wallpaper for iphone with word cloud

Raised verse on a perspective graphic for iPhone 5 and 5s. Download.

raised perspective iphone wallpaper

Simple light background with Lanterns for iPhone 5 and 5s. Download.

simple islamic iPhone wallpaper with lanterns

Muhammad (pbuh) iPhone wallpaper for 5 and 5s. Two variations, this one is with dark stars and embossed. Little hard to see but if you look close enough you’ll see it. Download.

shahadah embossed stars wallpaper

Muhammad (pbuh) V.2, on canvas. Download.

shahadah canvas wallpaper for iPhone

Bright coloured wallpaper with a mosque silhouette for iPhone 5 and 5s wallpaper. Download.

mosque sillhouette islamic wallpaper for iPhone

Verse of the Quran wallpaper for iPhone 4. Download.

iphone 4 islamic wallpaper with a verse

Better in Speech. iPhone 5 / 5s. Download.

better in speech iPhone wallpaper

Islamic Wallpaper for iPhone, Mosque Two for 5 and 5s. Download.

islamic wallpaper iphone mosque two

That was the last one! I hope you enjoy these iPhone wallpapers and please share it with your friends and family. And please do subscribe for more exclusive islamic content!