I love word clouds, but I’m yet to find any Islamic word clouds. There are some available but they are premium and you will have to pay a fee to download it.

Yes, you guessed it right! I’ve created loads just for you to download. Included are, star shapes, crescent and star, continent shapes, arabic word clouds and other variations of Islamic word clouds.
If you don’t know what a word cloud is or in this case what an Islamic word cloud is the read on.

Word clouds are a bunch of words that have been cluttered together neatly. It has the words arranged horizontally and vertically but it forms a nice shape. Just take a look below to see what I mean.

I started by collecting loads of words that I thought are related and relevant to Islam as a comprehensive system. So for my Islamic word clouds I avoided words like ‘spiritual’. As I know Islam is more than being a spiritual person it also mandates the taking care of the affairs of the society or the Ummah.

Anyway, there are lots of places that let you create word clouds without even paying a penny! And even better you can export it to scaled vector formats such as svg.

I tend to use my graphics a lot over and over before I created similar Islamic Wallpapers and posters, so you’ll probably be seeing these more and more over the next few months.

The brilliant thing about these word clouds is that it has some awesome shapes and colour variations and there are loads for you to download in the vector format including svg and pdf.

For these Islamic word clouds to be resized without losing quality you will need to open it up with vector image editors such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or InkScape, although Gimp and Photoshop also will let you open it up but you may need to install other plugins to do that.

I have included a few Arabic word clouds too, so enjoy those and use it on your graphics. Please leave a comment to say which ones you like and what you are going to use it on.

Dont worry about the size of the preview images below, the download link has vectors so you can scale it to any size.

Islamic Word Clouds

The Islam Cloud Download.

It is made up of lots of different words related to Islam itself. This one is available in many different colour combination.

islamic word clouds download free

Crescent & Star Download.

This word cloud also includes different colour combinations and individual word orientation.

star and crescent islamic vector download

Heart filled with Patience, SVG File Download.
heart shape orange word cloud

Africa Word Cloud Vector Image Download.

Did you know Africa was once a very rich part of the World whilst under Islamic rule?

africa islamic vector image

Plump Letters Download.

plump letters cloud

Star Shaped Vector Image Download.

star shape islamic word clouds

Star No. 2 Vector Download.

A start with four points highlighting the word Patience.

star word cloud

Arabic Word Clouds

Star and Crescent Arabic Words Download.

crescent arabic word clouds

Islam Inside Arabic word cloud Download.

If you look close enough you can see that it says the word ‘Islam’ inside all the arabic words.

islam inside arabic word cloud

Islam in Arabic Download.

islam in arabic

That’s it for now here are some ideas of what you could do with these Islamic and Arabic word clouds.

  1. Islamic Posters
  2. Background Images
  3. Islamic Wallpapers

Of course you will decide what you want to do with it but those are just some ideas, hope it comes in handy.