Islamic WordPress plugins for your website. WordPress accounts for around 31% of the websites on the entire www! And it has over 42,000 plugins in its repository.

This makes it the most popular CMS/blog engine in the entire world-wide web. It’s easy to use and the learning curve isn’t very hard at all. If you’re ever stuck you can find lots of tutorials online to help you extend your site.

One of the ways to customise your WordPress website is by adding plugins, previously I listed a few WordPress plugins but that was a few years ago. Since then a lot has changed and an update is due. If you however use Joomla, I created a list for that too you can check it out here. On top of that there is a list of excellent Islamic themes you can take a look at that we created in the past and finally if you’re not into CMS and create things for yourself then check out these PHP scripts.

Islamic WordPress plugins

If you’re not familiar with installing plugins in WordPress then have a look at this tutorial. There 3 ways to do it, if the first one didn’t work for you because of limitations on your host such as ‘exceeds upload limit’ then have a look at this tutorial it’s a bit longer but it should get you sorted.

So here’s the list of Islamic WordPress plugins for your WordPress site. I’ll leave some comments where possible with each plugin so you have an informed choice.

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A few of the plugins below use shortcodes, if you’re not familiar with shortcodes. It is an easy way to embed content from your plugin easily into pages without writing or changing any code. For more reading have a look here.

Worldwide Salat Times

Rated 4.8 stars out of 5 in the WordPress plugins repository. Last updated January 2017. It allows you to display muslim prayer times with different calculation methods for different locations inside good-looking widgets with different layout variations. Download.

Holy Quran random verse Multi-language

Rated 5 out of 5 and last updated over 12 months ago but should still work. This Islamic WordPress plugin displays Verses of the Quran in your website using shortcodes. Here’s a demo. You can download it here.

Quran Shortcode

An excellent plugin that allows you to add verses of the Quran using shortcodes you just need to know the surah number and verse number and it does it automatically for you. It doesn’t have any ratings at the moment but it has recently been updated which means the developers are actively working on it. Download here. You can see screenshots here.

Quran verse a day

Does as the name intends this Islamic WordPress plugin displays a different verse of the Quran in either English or Bangla with name of Surah and verse number also links to the website so you can read more. It uses a shortcode so you can display it in any page or post. Download

Zakah Calculator

A simple to use Zakah calculator widget that can be put on a sidebar or any other widgetised area. You insert the amount and it calculates how much Zakah you need to pay. Download


One of the best Islamic WordPress plugins, this one shows Hijri dates on your website. You can display the dates  anywhere on your site by changing the date settings from the main settings page. Download

Beautiful Salat

Another prayer times widget plugin, this one displays prayer times for over 20,000 cities worldwide. There are a lot of customisation you can do such as change the colour title and set the location. Download

That completes the list of Islamic WordPress Plugins, all of the plugins above have been updated within the last 12 months so there shouldn’t be any issues however if there are any you can use the forum at the plugin page to see if you can get any support.