What a season he’s having! Mohamed Salah is well on his way to becoming the Premier League’s top scorer this season and he’s breaking records. Who would’ve known he would have had this much impact at Liverpool F.C? it’s just wow!

Personal Honours:

He’s already been the player of the month twice in November 2017 and February 2018, the BBC’s African player of the year and Goal’s Arab player of the year.

Here are Mohamed Salah’s stats as of 1st April 2018:

  1. Out of 31 32 appearances he’s scored 29 30 goals, has won 19 times and losing only 4 times.
  2. Scored twice with a header, 5 times with his right foot and 23 with the left (only 1 penalty).
  3. 122 shots on goal with 60 on target, which means 49% accuracy.
  4. He has hit the woodwork 3 times and missed 19 big chances.
  5. A total of 834 passes, 9 assists and 76 crosses!
  6. His discipline has been superb, no yellow or red cards at all so far.

In dedication to his already excellent tally of goals just in the Premier League let alone across all competitions (which is 37 as it stands), I am going to list all the goals he scored right from the beginning but before that let’s have a look at all the records he’s already broken so far.

  1. He is currently the joint top African player with the most goals in the league (29 goals), he will surpass that with still 6 games to go for his club.
  2. Scored in 22 different games, previously the record was 21. He broke that with his header against Bournemouth on the 14th April 2018.
  3. The most left-footed goals in a Premier League season (23).
  4. HIghest scoring Egyptian in the history of English football the only other was Mido (22), remember him?
  5. Scored in 21 different Premier League games – joint top with Christiano Ronaldo. He’s till got two months to break this record and make it his own.
  6. He has as many goals as 6 entire teams in the League, OMG!
  7. The highest amount of goals in the Premier League is 31, he is currently on 30 and on course to make that record his.

I will update the above during and after the season ends in May 2018.

Now let’s take a look at all the goals in the League he has scored one-by-one!

All the goals and assists from Mohamed Salah

It all started in the very first game of the season against Watford in August 2017 away, where LFC drew 3-3, here’s the run down right from the beginning. Bookmark this and share with everyone you know even if you are a UTD fan!

Date Fixture Goals Assist Result
19-08-2017 Watford away 1 3-3 draw
27-08-2017 Arsenal at home 1 1 4-0 win
16-09-2017 Burnley at home 1 1-1 draw
23-09-2017 Leicester away 1 2-3 win
22-10-2017 Spurs away 1 4-1 loss
28-10-2017 Huddersfield at home 1 3-0 win
04-11-2017 West Ham away 2 1-4 win
18-11-2017 Southampton at home 2 3-0 win
25-11-2017 Chelsea at home 1 1-1 draw
29-11-2017 Stoke away 2 0-3 win
02-12-2017 Brighton away 1 0-5 win
10-12-2017 Everton at home 1 1-1 draw
17-12-2017 Bournemouth 1 0-4 win
22-12-2017 Arsenal away 1 3-3 draw
26-12-2017 Swansea at home 2 5-0 win
30-12-2017 Leicester at home 2 2-1 win
14-01-2018 Man City at home 1 1 4-3 win
30-01-2018 Huddersfield away 1 0-3 win
04-02-2018 Spurs at home 2 2-2 draw
11-02-2018 Southampton away 1 1 0-2 win
24-02-2018 West Ham away 1 1 4-1 win
03-03-2018 Newcastle at home 1 2-0 win
17-03-2018 Watford at home 4 1 5-0 win
31-03-2018 Crystal Palace away 1 1-2 win
29 total 9 assists


I have also created a nice infographic about Mohamed Salah’s first season statistics at Liverpool football club. Enjoy!

mohamed salah's records in numbers infograpic