Quotes of Ibn Taymiyyah

Quotes of Ibn Taymiyyah

I was recently reading a book called the Diseases of the heart and their cures and it contained a lot of quotes of Ibn Taymiyyah. So I though why not add them here so that you guys can read the quotes and share with others.

As usual like the other Islamic quotes posts I’ve included a lot of inspiring sayings of Ibn Taymiyyah and I hope it can motivate us to act on it and have more Taqwa.

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Sayings of Ibn Taymiyyah about Taqwa

  1. Every punishment from Him is pure justice and every blessing from Him is pure grace.
  2. Whoever desires everlasting bliss, let him adhere firmly to the threshold of servitude.
  3. The Lord loves to be loved.
  4. Guidance is not attained except with knowledge and correct direction is not attained except with patience.
  5. In this world there is a paradise, whoever does not enter it will not enter the Paradise of the Hereafter.
  6. The one who is [truly] imprisoned is the one whose heart is imprisoned from Allah and the captivated one is the one whose desires have enslaved him.

Quotes of ibn Taymiyyah about truth:

  1. This whole religion revolves around knowing the truth and acting by it, and action must be accompanied by pa­tience.
  2. Worship is founded upon the Legal Law and following it, not upon ones base desires and innovation.
  3. If you do not taste the sweetness of an action in your heart, suspect it, for the Lord, Exalted is He, is the Ap­preciative.
  4. The more the servant loves his Master, the less will he love other objects and they will decrease in number The less the servant loves his Master, the more will he love other objects and they will increase in number.

His sayings about Tawhid and blessings:

  1. Perpetually is the servant either the recipient of a blessing from Allah; in which case he is need of gratitude; or he is the perpetrator of a sin, in which case he is in need of repentance; he is always moving from one blessing to another and is always in need of repentance.
  2. Sins cause harm and repentance removes the cause.
  3. Bearing witness to tawhid opens the door of good and re­pentance from sins closes the door of evil.
  4. The jihad against the soul is the foundation for the Jihad against the disbelievers and hypocrites.
  5. A man will never fear something besides Allah unless it be due to a disease in his heart.
  6. Trials and tribulation are like feeling the heat and cold, when one knows that they cannot be avoided, he will not feel anger at their onset, nor will he be distressed or dis­ heartened.
  7. The perfection of tawhid is found when there remains noth­ing in the heart except Allah, the servant is left loving those He loves and what He loves, hating those He hates and what He hates, showing allegiance to those He has allegiance to, showing enmity to those He shows enmity towards, ordering what He orders and prohibiting what He prohibits.
  8. The objective of asceticism is to leave all that harms the servants Hereafter and the objective of worship is to do all that will benefit his Hereafter.
  9. Sins are like chains and locks preventing their perpetrator from roaming the vast garden of tawhid and reaping the fruits of righteous actions.

Ibn Taymiyyah’s Sayings about being imprisoned:

What can my enemies do to me? I have in my breast both my heaven and my garden. If I travel they are with me, never leaving me. Imprisonment for me is a chance to be alone with my Lord. To be killed is martyrdom and to be exiled from my land is a spiritual journey.

“In this world, man finds in the remembrance of Allah, praising Him and worshipping Him, a delight that is in­ comparable to anything else.”

These sayings of the great Imam ibn Taymiyyah were collected from various sources including, Majmu Al Fatawa, Ibn al-Qayyim, Ibn Rajab and al-Bazzar.

Hopefully you loved these quotes, please leave a comment and let me know how you found it. There are more inspirational Islamic quotes for you to read.

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  1. Derek Knight 02/11/2015 at 4:34 am - Reply

    Regarding Tawhid, Mohammed’s actions to unify all the different feuding tribes represented at Kaaba with 360 different conceptions of God should be the most fundamental proof to back up the Aramaic translation of the word ‘Allah’ which means One God with limitless and infinite names. This true meaning looks to include all cultures and all opposing names of the One Creator of the universe under the umbrella concept within the name of Allah.

    When we kill another person in judgement, we deny the will of The Almighty Merciful, following our own dogmatic shape and image of God, breaking a sacred rule which Mohammed reminded all for all time when mercy and application of the true meaning of Tawhid was proclaimed over the defeated.

    For some to claim that later Sufis deemed some of their prominent teachers to have Allah incarnate within them, or their consciousness is fair enough. This was some time ago. Is it true? Is it right?

    To commit judgement leading to genocide and slaughter, is proof of Satan incarnate rather than Allah, is it not? Satan literally means blindness, ignorance, which is an inert and ego serving condition we are not meant to accept or dwell in. Knowledge and truth, the opposite are the cure for the evils plaguing societies all over the world.

    Some of what Ibn Taymiyyah I agree with. Certainly Monotheism is key to the founding principles of Islam. However, Mohammed proved with his life example that other names and concepts of the One Almighty Creator should also be considered Allah, without a doubt. This was the miracle that happened, and is still waiting to envelope the entire Earth in peace, mutual respect through a patient and courteous understanding.

    We must ascend through a reapplication of the founding principle.

    • Adib Rahman 04/09/2016 at 3:52 am - Reply

      all judgement shall be based on quran and sunnah .Islam shall not be based on logic alone coz human knowledge and understanding of facts in life are limited that is why a massenger of Allah was sent to the world to verify all myths to the people

  2. Derek Knight 02/11/2015 at 4:48 am - Reply

    The sacred rule I was referring to in my previous comment was how mercy was shown at the Battle of Badr. The founding principle of Islam is inclusive, it will envelope the world in unity and mutual respect through light, knowledge, and truth.

    Exclusive dogma is bogging down the will of God Almighty. We are meant to protect and spread creation, destruction is an excuse which darkness whispered in the ear of theologians in times past. Everyone has fallen into this darkness, sifting through teachings and discerning with your heart is the only way to go. We have to fix this world and replace the suffering with peace through application of truth. The key is within the translation of ‘Allah’.

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