Ramadan Kareem to all the muslims all around the world! We hope you have a blessed Ramadan, one full of baraqah and at the end we all come out with our sins forgiven!

Make sure to remember the oppressed all around the world in your duas!

We pray to Allah (swt) to make the truth apparent to all and expose the falsehood for what it is.

In this blessed occasion of Ramadan, I have collected 8 Ramadan Kareem messages courtesy of iquotepics.com, with duas, verses from the Quran and ahadith so that you can wish all your friends and family a wonderful blessed Ramadan.

Make sure you share them on Facebook and other social media sites.

And once again have a blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem Images 2015

Dua for the start of Ramadan from Hisnul Muslim. Download

dua for the start of Ramadan image

dua for the start of Ramadan from Hisnul Muslim

Fasting is a shield. Download
fasting is a shield hadith

Verse from the Quran about Fasting Image. Download

Verse about fasting from the Quran Image download.

Hadith about the Sighting of the Moon. Download sighting of the moon hadith image

When Ramadan Begins, Gates of Paradise are opened. Download

Ramadan begins hadith about paradise image.

Increase worship in Ramadan. Download

Increase worhsip in Ramadan Hadith image.

Whoever fasts in Ramadan out of Imaan (faith) and hope, sins forgiven. Download

Whoever fasts Ramadan out of hope, sins forgiven hadith image.

The month of Ramadan is superior. Download

Ramadan quote by Ibn al-Qayyim.

The month of Ramadan is superior than all other months – Ibn al-Qayyim.