Ramadan is a blessed month, it is the month of Quran and Fasting. Over a billion Muslims will be fasting this month which is going to start insha-Allah from Monday or Tuesday (July 2013) depending on the sighting of the new moon.

I’ve collected some excellent and beautiful Ramadan Wallpapers to mark this blessed occasion but first.

Ramadan is the month to be generous, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to increase his generosity, remembrance of Allah and more over this holy month.

The Muslims in the past generations would hold out till Ramadan to go to Jihad because of its increased reward, there have been a lot of victories for the Muslims in this month. It is also known as the month of victories.

If you are ready for Ramadan then it’ll be easier for you to meet your goals, the main aims for individuals in Ramadan should be to have all their sins forgiven, increase their reward count and most importantly make the word of Allah (swt) the highest by achieving victory once again.

Every Muslim whilst fasting needs to be extra careful because fasting isn’t just about not eating from dusk till dawn. It also includes fasting with your mouth, ears and eyes.

How can you fast with your mouth, eyes and ears?

Fasting with your mouth means that you do not spread evil with your mouth and stay away from ill talk. Fasting with your ears means that you do not intentionally listen to bad speech or words that may corrupt you. Similarly fasting with your eyes means that you don’t look at haram.

Ramadan is a time for us to have all our sins forgiven and get rid of those bad un-islamic habits that we have, and if we can fast with our mouth, eyes and ears properly then we can certainly get closer to our creator and ultimately this can lead to us getting rid of our bad habit this Ramadan, if Allah wills.

No doubt most Muslims will be trying their best to achieve greater things this Ramadan, so I have collected and created some pictures that are in high-resolution so that you can download and then use as your desktop wallpapers for this Ramadan.

Having an Islamic desktop wallpaper may help you to remember about Islam or at least it will be a nice thing to look at. Please let me know how you like it.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our visitors and every single muslim a wonderful Ramadan, may Allah the most forgiving; forgive our sins, relieve us from hardship, give us the victory and answer all our duas.

Ramadan Happiness. Available in High Resolution

Ramadan Happiness wallpaper

Ramadan Kareem. Available in 1024×768

Ramadan Kareem 1024 by 768

Blessing of Ramadan. Available in High Resolution

Blessings of Ramadan

Ramadan 1427. High Resolution 1024 by 768

Ramadan 1427 wallpaper

Ramadan Overlap. Download Large Size

Overlapping ramadan in arabic

Ramadan Mubarak. Available in HD Quality

Ramadan Mubarak Wallpaper

Month of the Quran. Available in HD Quality

month of the quran wallpaper

The Real Stars. Available in 1080 by 720

sahabas are our stars

Favours of Allah. Available in 1080 by 720

favours of Allah wallpaper

Ramadan Lantern. Available in 1080 by 768

ramadan lantern wallpaper

mesmerizing Shahada. Available in 1080 x 720

shahadah wallpaper

Night of Power. Available in 1024 x 768

night of power wallpaper

Forgiveness this Ramadan. Available in 1024 by 768

get forgiven this Ramadan

Ramadan. Available in 1024 x 768

Ramadan by master style

Ramadan Wallpaper Pack. Available in a few colours and sizes including Ramadan e-cards.

a pack of ramadan wallpapers including different colours and e-cards