Mosques or Masjids are fine examples of excellent architecture of Islam and Muslims. Beautiful mosques are found all around the globe, with the spread of the Islamic empire throughout the World. Islam has taken its fine culture and arts to those places. Because Islam had reached parts of Europe and Africa, it has left great influences in their cultures, which is clear from the offset.

My earlier post on English words borrowed from Arabic Language is an example of how much influence the Islamic empire has had in the current World culture.

Tourists are fascinated to see different cultures all around the globe, especially modern and classic examples of architecture. I certainly love to see complex designs which can also maintains it’s simplicity.

Beautiful mosques can be found in many countries, which look stunning from the outside and if you are lucky enough to be a muslim and have visited some of the interior, well then you would know that it is breath-taking! For one, the Islamic architecture of old is so detailed even to the smallest detail and two, the atmosphere inside any mosque is always tranquil.

Some examples of materials used to make the mosques so beautiful are marble, granite, pearls, diamonds, gold and gold threads, silver etc. – there far too many to mention.

Here are some of the most beautiful mosques from around the World, I’ve been lucky enough to have visited some of those too. 🙂

The Prophet’s Mosque and the Mosque in Makkah are intentionally left out as we already know they are in many other lists.

Crystal Mosque – Malaysia

image of beautiful mosque kristal malaysia

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – Oman

image of sultan qaboos mosue - beautiful mosques of the world

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque – Malaysia

image of beautiful mosque malaysia

Masjid Wilayah – Malaysia

image of mosque wilaya

Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Abu Dhabi

image of beautiful masjid abu dhabi

Registan Square – Uzbekistan

image of registan square beautiful mosque uzbekistan

Al Saleh Mosque – Yemen

image of beautiful mosque yemen

Friday Mosque – Uzbekistan

image of friday mosque uzbek

Hassan II Mosque – Morocco

image of beautiful mosque morocco

Bibi-Heybat Mosque – Azerbaijan

image of beautiful mosque azerbaijan

Have you been to any of these beautiful Mosques? Do you know of Mosques that are also beautiful but haven’t been covered in this post? Leave your thoughts in with your comments and thanks for reading.