image of top 10 islamic facebook pagesThere are 1000s of Islamic Facebook pages but all them have a different take on how they want to promote and share Islam.

Facebook has over 800 million users, and it is said that at any given time of the day there are over 40 million of them logged in at the same time.

Everyone more or less knows what Facebook is used for, so I won’t go into that but I will take a look at the Islamic Facebook pages and then list the most liked Islamic Facebook pages.

They will be ordered by the most number of likes, so the highest number of liked pages will go on the top and so on. All numbers been taken at the end of November 2012 so it is likely that it may fluctuate very quickly.

This should give you an idea of how to grab the most amount of likes for your own Islamic Facebook page. You should be looking to see what sort of posts they promote and/or what times of days they publish this and that should give you an indication of how they managed to get so many likes.

Muslims make up 1/6 of the population of the entire human population of the World so it is no wonder that Islamic Facebook pages are able to get so many likes on their pages. I care more about what messages they are sending, is it really to promote Islam as a holistic deen or are they promoting a product for sale that is suitable for muslims?

All of these pages I found using search engines and Facebook itself, so if you know of pages that have more likes then please let me know via comments.

Top Islamic Facebook Pages

  1. 9 million likes! By far one of the highest numbers, this is really a Facebook page that promotes a matrimony sight in the name IamMuslimAndProud. Although it does send some spiritual messages from time to time. They must have a good marketing team.
  2. An Islamic Facebook page for daily reminders with a huge following – 8.2 Million!
  3. 2.6 Million users. Although it seems like a lot less than the previous one, but 2.6 million is still a lot!
  4. With 1.9 million likes, this is number four in our list of top islamic Facebook pages by likes. This page has a lot of posts in Arabic but the ones that are in English have some nice reminders and images.
  5. 1.5 Million likes on this page! This and the next are very similar, it is presented in a way to be the hub or portal of Islam. I do like it! I think they are official Wikipedia pages?
  6. 1.2 million. Similar to number four in the list of top islamic Facebook pages.
  7. 1 million likes. This page is in the Malay Language.
  8. 700k likes. Now we’ve moved to the thousands, still doesn’t feel like it is little though! This page is also similar to number 5 and 6 but it is as the name says for Sunnis I guess.
  9. 665k Facebook Likes. A place to like images and some comments from what I can see?
  10. 661k, number ten in my list of top Islamic Facebook pages by likes is IslamDaily, this page provides an image with aspirations to visit or see places – I guess it is using this to get users engaged. Not a bad idea at all.

Overall I am very impressed that there are Islamic Facebook pages with millions of likes! And they are disseminating Islamic Knowledge, it is also a place to discuss and clarify misconceptions about Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims. This is a media that allows discourse without bias!

What do you think of these pages? Do you think they are promoting Islam in a way that it should be promoted or do you think differently?