Islam is a comprehensive religion that doesn’t discriminate i.e. it is for all of humanity. As there is a lot of non-Arab Muslims in the World some of the words also used by the early Arab Muslims got passed down to the newer Muslims such as the greetings etc. Muslims without realising that they are using Arabic words are using them as second nature. Here are the top five Arabic Words used by non-Arabic speaking Muslims.

As-salamu alaikum

This is by far the most used arabic sentence used by all Muslims. It is the standard greeting, it means ‘Peace be upon you’.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Every Muslim uses this to begin anything, it means in the name of Allah the most gracious, most merciful.


This word is synonymous to a lot of words, if you ask a lot of “Muslims how are you?” You are likely to hear these words. Also any Muslim who is aware of the virtues of praising Allah will say this even if evil were to fall on them. It means All praise is for Allah!

Masha Allah

Here’s another one similar to Alhamdulillah but this means as Allah wills. You are likely to hear this when good news is spread such as, “I have passed my exams”.

Astaghfir Ullah

This is used to ask for forgiveness from evil or refrain from. It means ‘I ask Allah for forgiveness‘. So if a Muslim commits a sin intentional or unintenional or if they hear evil they are likely to say this.


What are your most common Arabic words that you use?