image of umar series postThe Umar series TV show if you haven’t watched it I would certainly recommend you to watch it. As it is a great way to get a glimpse into the lives of the early Muslims in Islam. Initially I couldn’t find it on YouTube as I was looking for ‘life of Umar’ but it is actually named Omar Series. Find the link at the end to start watching. It has English subtitles.

Although it is called the Umar series, I would say that it is really the Seerah of the Prophet (saw) through the eyes of Umar. As the life of Umar is really in the beginning few episodes and the latter 6 to 7 and the rest is really the struggle of the Muslims. Regardless of the title it is certainly worth a watch! For me the Umar series was really informative and educational. Not only was the story of the sahabas told but it really gave me a way to appreciate more in visual detail how it would have been like all those years ago.

The Umar Series is 30 episodes in total each around 40 – 45 minutes long and the final episode is about an hour and a half.

The companions of the Prophet (saw) were the best generation and in the Umar series you could see how they were albeit you could never appreciate the real reality of how they were but certainly you could get a good idea.

As I am writing I haven’t watched the entire Umar series I am up to episode 23 where Abu Bakr has passed away and Umar is about to give his first sermon as the Caliph. And in all honesty I don’t want it to finish, there is so much emotional attachment to the story.

You could see the eloquence of the arabs and how the elite of the society schemed and failed and how one man, the prophet (saw) changed an entire society and ultimately the world. It highlights the fact that Islam came to govern all of life’s affairs including politics as well as spirituality.

Back then being the Caliph of the Muslims meant that it was a heavy burden and the best man had to be put in that position who cares for so much of the community and their affairs including non-muslims. You’ll see in the Umar series that Umar (ra) doesn’t want to take the place of power willingly as it entails a heavy burden and he knows that any failures would result him being sinful. This is how they were and how Muslims should be, contrary to our present day reality.

No TV show could ever claim to be comprehensive in telling the stories of the early muslims, the Umar series certainly doesn’t claim that either. So I’ve gathered a lot of information to supplement the Umar series so you’ll find Quotes of Umar and the Distinctions of Umar which not all are mentioned in the TV series.

Watch Umar Series – Life of Umar bin al-Khattab

Umar Series Episode One


The following parts will follow once you watch part one.

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I hope this has given you a bit more insight into the show, a word of caution please do not refer to the show as proof of anything, if you need to bring proof of an event or example sunnah etc. refer to the original text or a learned person.