There are a plethora of websites around when it comes to being able to read the Quran online in Arabic and English, and others have allowed for the Quran text in arabic, translation and other parts to be downloaded free of charge in database formats such as mysql dump, xml and others, May Allah reward them immensely for that.

It is quite easy to put up all the texts of the Quran on a website if you know how, but many do not take usability into consideration, which is one of the key aspects of website design. Not only will it ensure your users can navigate your website easily but it will also conform to w3c standards if done correctly.

With usability and good features in mind, I have compiled the below list that I use and recommend to my friends and family every time. I hope you like it and share it with others, as usual leave your comments and let me know your thoughts.

Good Websites to read the Quran in Arabic and English

best quran website one

This is my favourite one, it has a search feature and all the Surahs (chapters) are laid out in view as soon as you land on the website. Once you go into a chapter you have many options such as which translation you want, many english translations are available and many other languages as well. It also features, text layout styles with optional arabic tafsir is available too. All options if selected change asynchronously meaning the page will change without refreshing. The change chapter column always remains on the side. also has a beta version which looks very exciting as it breaks down each word with its meanings. Not forgetting the corpus it has too, this can come in very handy for developers and linguists.

best quran website two

For some reason I can never land on the homepage, but I can easily navigate to any chapter using the menus located on the sidebar. It has many options that can be used to enhance your viewing such as translation on hover, leaving you to read the Quran in Arabic without much obtrusion on-screen. The additional resources that are available at are excellent too, you can download the entire Quran in Arabic with Translations in many languages and Symbols in a variety of formats including mysql and xml.

best quran website three

Before I found out I could copy the Arabic texts from, I used to use this one all the time. However this also has many viewing options to enhance your reading pleasure. In addition to all the common features of all above websites is the fact that, you can generate an embed link to easily embed to any other website.

best quran website four

This is really as the title suggests listen to the Quran as you read the Ayats, there are no other pages to navigate to, just select the reciter, language and the chapter and you are good go. One thing it has is that I saw is there are additional english translations available and also an embed feature.


Well those are my top Quran websites, what are yours?