My earlier post on 3D Islamic Wallpapers is always so popular with all the visitors, as you can see, the popular posts on the right hand side, it is always near on top if not 2nd or 3rd. That is because the 3D islamic posters are extremely popular.

So it is time for round two of Islamic Wallpapers 3D style and why not? You guys are loving it and I try my best to add new images and graphics for you when I can.

To view these wallpapers you won’t need any special 3D glasses 🙂 because they’re done on a 2D perspective but it has been created in a clever way so that it gives you the impression that you are looking at something in the third dimension.

We’ve created so many posts on islamic wallpapers over the months because they are so popular with our visitors, so this time I want to showcase some really nice looking wallpapers so that you feel compelled to change your desktop wallpaper even if you have a MAC.

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Back to the 3D islamic wallpaper stuff, as usual they are all in premium HD quality, minimum of 1080 by 768px this means that there are ones that are even larger. Which means that there’ll be no pixelation and you will not have to enlarge the image to fit the screen.

I hope you enjoy this fantastic collection of islamic art!

No to Judaize Al-Quds by Telpo, Download HD Islamic Wallpaper.

No to Judaize Al-Quds Wallpaper 3D

Chechnya Islamic Wallpaper by Thetumso, Download Super HD.

Chechnya islamic Wallpaper

Gaza Wallpaper 3D by Telpo. Download HD Wallpaper.

Gaza 3D Islamic Wallpapers

Coloured Shahadah Wallpaper by topmuslim. Download HD islamic Wallpaper.

Coloured Shahadah Wallpaper

Masha Allah Wallpaper by Digital-Saint, Download Wallpaper.

Masha Allah Wallpaper Download

Striped with Ayat, by Shorawak, Download HD Wallpaper.

3D Islamic Wallpaper with Stripes

3D Calligraphy Prayer by iskander71, Download 1920×1200.

3d Calligraphy Prayer Wallpaper

Arabic Typo by Shaheed, Download 1320 x 944.

Arabic typo 3d Islamic wallpaper

Free Palestine by Shaheed, Download Large Size wallpaper.

free palestine wallpaper in 3d

Alaa by Omarbig. Download 1024 x 768

Allah 3D Islamic Wallpaper

3d Calligraphy by iskander71 Download 1920×1080.

3d calligraphy wallpaper

Islamic Wallpaper by Shorawak. Download HD.

Islamic Wallpaper by Shorawak

3eed S3eed by SaliM89, Download HD Islamic Wallpaper.

3D Islamic Wallpaper Download

So there you have it, the second edition of the 3D Islamic Wallpapers for you to download. I hope you really liked it and have downloaded plenty of them, do not forget to share with your friends and subscribe to our newsletter.