There are so many graphic designers out there and many excellent looking screen savers which they have created. I have also created 10 beautifully animated Islamic screensavers for you to use absolutely free.

Included animations are:

  1. Matrix Style
  2. Rain and Stars
  3. Water Reflections
  4. Leafs blown by Wind
  5. Spiralling Effects
  6. and more screensavers.

All you have to do is download the free Islamic screensaver and then install it, I’ve added .exe and .scr versions too. Depending on which one you download you need to install it accordingly.

Installing the .exe Screensaver

Click on the installer icon and then the .exe Islamic screensaver installer will guide you through the rest of the installation process.

Installing .scr Screen Saver File

With the .scr file you need to select the screen saver file (.scr) and then right-click on it with your mouse, in the menu you’ll find the install option, you can even configure to your liking or preview it. If you are happy with it then just click install and it will do the rest for you.

These Islamic screensavers work on all Windows Operating Systems including Windows 7, XP and Windows Vista. I’ve tested it only on Windows 7 but they should work on all, please let me know if it doesn’t work so I can update the files.

I’ve seen some excellent 3D Islamic screensavers but I haven’t had the chance to make those yet I will do very soon though, so as soon as it is ready I’ll upload it and you can download it absolutely free. 🙂

In this series of Islamic screensavers I tried to add different colour combinations with nice effects, they are all animated screen savers you’ll find water reflections and sparkling effects too. And there’s more.

I’ve tried to be creative in designing these screen savers for you so I really hope you like it! Either way let me know so I can improve the next set of Islamic screensavers. Look out for more soon and I’ll be creating Islamic Android live wallpapers soon so come back and grab those soon too.

Islamic Screensavers

image of one ummah islamic screensaverOne Ummah Screen Saver – Download

Description: Dark animated screen saver with radial flash lights, very nice!

image of shining stars islamic calligraphy screen saverShining Stars Calligraphy Screensaver – Download

Description: An elegant Calligraphy Screen with shining stars that randomly appear giving it a real relaxing feel.

image of liberate palestine islamic screensaverLiberate Palestine Islamic Screensaver – Download

Description: An image of the Dome of Rock Mosque, Palestine at dawn. With animated fireworks and searchlights.

image of name of the allah screensaverName of Allah Screensaver – Download

Description: One of the beautiful names of Allah, ar-Razzak He is the Provider. This screen saver has spiral effect at the top left corner which rotates and features raindrops to show sustainability.

image of reflection of mosque islamic screensaversReflection of a Mosque – Download

Description: A mosque at night with a lake besides it with animated reflections, very calm and nice.

image of shahadah screensavers reflectionShahadah Reflection Screen – Download

Description: A calligraphy style Shahadah with its reflection on a dark background fused with golden colours.

Matrix Style Islamic Screensaverimage of matrix style Islamic screensaverDownload
Description: With the words ‘I am Muslim’ on top of a mosaic background. It features a Matrix style continuous falling letters.

image of mosque and maple leaf islamic screensaversMasjid and Blowing Maple Leafs Screen Saver – Download

Description: With vibrant colours this animated screen saver will remind you of the Arabian nights, with few golden domes and flying maple leafs it is a stunning sight.

image of quran screensaverThe Quran Screen – Download

Description: The Holy Quran on a Kursi opened up with animated wavy lines going across with more effects to give it a really spiritual feeling.

image of istanbul rain screensaversMosque in Istanbul on a Rainy Night with Stars – Download

Description: A Masjid at night near the long bridge in Istanbul, it has animated rain drops and shining stars, now that’s a good combo.

So that’s the 10 Animated Islamic Screensavers that I created especially for you guys, I tried to keep the screens original. You definitely won’t find these anywhere else as it is exclusively for Enjoy!

What are your favourite screensavers? Have you had any trouble installing or downloading? Let me know your thoughts and thanks for reading!